Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunday January 10, 2010- Packing Back Packs


Sunday January 10, 2010 is the date where we, that could be you too, will be packing all the backpacks I got donated earlier this year and all the ones i have collected since.

We have about 100 so far as well as tons of canned food, can openers (must have those!), ponchos, socks, gloves, hats, hygiene products and blankets.

The packing will take place at my home and people are welcome to take Back packs with them if they feel comfortable approaching homeless, if not i will get them all out on the streets.

I have bags and bags of clothes too that need sorting; womens, children, men, coats, clothes... many of which will go to UPR (United Peace Relief Detroit) so they can distribute at a big event they are planning.

I look forward to mingling with people as we create the backpacks and form new friendships! Hope your among them!


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gleaners Fundraiser was a success

Gleaners Fundraiser

Monday December 14th, 2009 a great group of people gathered at Cafe Felix to raise money for Gleaners Food Bank.

Many also brought socks and food to help support Burners without Borders Detroit. Just under 100 pairs of socks were collected to help keep homeless warm!

Here is a link the images I took;

Thank you to everyone who showed and donated it was a wonderful evening!


Monday, December 14, 2009


I would like to Thank Angela Pal for her helping Burners without Borders this weekend during her awesome DUBSTEP CIRCUS event held at the Leland.

She collected donations of food and hats for the cause and dropped off 5 boxes at my place last night!

The event was a huge success, stay tuned for future parties (this page has video of the event!)

Here is a great link to the event by Phototastic;

THANK YOU to EVERY Person who donated! i am grateful!

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Friday, December 04, 2009


ahh i just learned about this site!!

they do what i ask people to do... keep food in your cars and give it out ...

they use plastic ziplocks in stead of backpacks like i do... i like the idea of people having a way to carry their belongs..but both totally work!! yea!

i hit them up in an email and hope to hear from them!!


ps. i need socks!!

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December 5th- Homeless Vet Chair-ity event

Its Tomorrow!!! finally here...Mercy Street (who i divulge i am on there board as a volunteer member) has all the chairs in the Tangent Gallery and they look Great!

Chair-ity Ball is a play on words. As you read this, up to 100 ordinary chairs are being transformed by a wide range of artists into both abstract art and functional, arty chairs, for Metro Detroit homes, studios and gift-giving. We've had a ball working on them. Online preview is available at All chairs are to be sold through live and silent auction, with sales to benefit the Michigan Veterans Foundation and Veteran's Haven, organizations that assist homeless veterans in southeast Michigan. Mercy Street is staging this important community event, because while only about six percent of folks in Michigan are veterans, vets reportedly make up about a third of Michigan's homeless population.

There will be both a live and silent auction, music, food and a cash bar. Dress code, smart casual. Kimberly's Catering will provide the food while Charles Wickins,The English Auctioneer, will spice up the auction. We may also have a surprise celebrity emcee on hand. Also to be presented for auction at the Chair-ity Ball, sponsored by HOUR Detroit, the Westchester Barbershop, Haven, the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company and Mudgie's Deli, will be a veterans memorial sculpture. Valuable sports memorabilia will be up for auction as well, and prizes will be offered for the most compelling chairs. This will be a fun evening, and we invite you to join us.

Save the date of December 5, 2009. The time: 7-10 p.m. Location: Tangent Gallery, New Center Area. Address: 715 E. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202.

Reserve your tickets by calling 734-276-1842. They are only $10 per person until the week prior (through November 27), and $20 thereafter, and at the door.

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