Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Season has started.

on my way to work this morning i stopped at the light on the service drive and saw a homeless man in a wheel chair with a sign telling passers by that he was homeless and asking for help. i was bummed cuz i had no food to share with him.

I tried to make eye contact with him to acknowledge him and we finally did. At that moment I simultaneously reached in my bag for a dollar as I read the small sign that he had propped on his big told drivers to drive careful and blessed them.

i pulled my car to meet him and handed the dollar out the window and asked his name, i recognized him at that time. He told me his name is Amir and I told him my name and I reminded him we met last winter one night on the service drive by 14th. (it was a night that dft and I picked up a woman from MLK cuz a man was harassing her and took her to the place of her request)

His face lit up and he remembered me, He remembered i had gotten out of my car to get in my truck to get him food and a blanket and covered him. And told me I also helped him on the 75 service drive as well. i told him i would be out again this year and asked what size shoe he wore as i saw he was in socks and sandals.

He told me 10 or 11 and i told i would be on the look out. We started to say our good byes and then he blessed me...and you know what? I felt as if I had been I know I was!

I cried tears of joy the rest of the way to work...Thank you Amir, thank you!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Making Change in Chicago

found on the streets of Chicago..

honest..and really nice penmanship too!