Saturday, August 28, 2010



Mr. Breedlove writes:

"Hey Burners!

Grindin, Packin, Plannin, Movin, Shakin, and gettin ready for the Burn ... maybe you're still wondering how you can participate out on playa this year...

****COME DONATE YOUR EXTRA KEVLAR/FIRE TOYS & BACKPACKS (& SOCKS!)***** to BwB this year.....Help us make a difference in peoples lives!

Donate to the MotoMoto Project: Will Ruddick has an amazing project happening in Kenya. Transforming the lives of street kids through the art of spinning fire. MotoMoto needs your extra kevlar and old fire toys. In Will's words: 'Kevlar is the biggest item we need on a regular basis. Any left over fire equipment (heavy on kevlar) is rad.'

Donate to Detroit's Homeless Backpack Project: doxie from Detroit has been working hard on creating a relief project for the homeless in Detroit. Backpacks are stuffed with clothes, blankets, gloves, canned food, socks, hand-warmers, local shelter information and other essentials to brighten the recipients day. Detroit's project is always in need of Backpacks and Socks! The backpacks must be in working condition and it'd be nice if the socks were clean or at least clean by playa standards.

We will be accepting donations at Burners without Borders (3:30+Esplanade) this year during our Activity hours from 12pm-5pm. Make sure you come by and check out what BwB has been up to recently, and how we're getting active even on playa. Stop by, listen to live music, do some screen-printing, and donate to the cause!

Can't wait to be dusty with you,
Mr. Breedlove"

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


ok so i have not written in ages...but i have been doing the project no less. who has time to write when your so busy right. no excuse, i know.

so somethings that have happened... i didn't even write about my birthday where instead of gifts i asked for donations to pack in back packs... i had no jokes over a few hundreds pairs of socks, hand warmers and bottles of water and was amazing and i am blessed by the people in my life... next year my bday party will be a bigger event to raise more awareness and get more donations.

i have had people my birthday theme and give me the donations. (Joe you are a god for doing this)

i have people contacting me all the time now asking to meet to give me supplies.

Burners without Borders Detroit on facebook is going well. please consider becoming a fan

The DAMNED exhibition collected canned food for the project last year.

and this year they are amping up the pot by collecting cans and proceeds from the Atelier Gothique jewelry raffle tickets. ..and they gave the project its own page. i am humbled and honored.

This year at Burning Man back packs and socks will be collected at the end of the event and shipped to Detroit to fill!

Last weekend the Frank Buck Freak Hunt in Chicago collected socks for the project, thanks JB and Blove!

overall its been a year where i have been blessed to have so many people contribute to the project so that i can continue to do this.

I wish i would have kept up on the blogging throughout the year..hopefully this winter i will do better.

wish me luck!

bee well