Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On January 23, 2009

So now with lined pockets from Mary Jane (amaretto) and TC i went shopping for food to load up my jeep again. I went to Big Lots..and man i am a bargain shopper. I ended up so much food that i did not run out until Feb 11 ( i write this on the 12th) And all of the food i bought were e-z to open; before starting this project i might have thought the new pull tab cans of food were silly, mind you i had never seen them until i started this project (food at health food stores have not caught on yet..and yes i shop at those stores cuz i have a medical condition so dont think to give me shit cuz i am shopping at Big Lots for the Homeless. i am getting volume and no prep food...and yes its cheaper at Big Lots!!)

so where was i getting over defending my food purchasing habits...I purchased probably a few cases of Starkist tuna in sealed bags, forks, small individual apple sauces, Vienna sausages, Spam-like meat in a can, Cheerios honey crunchy snacks, and and and ..i found a case of hard warmers...the kind you mash with your hands they warm up for like 1 hours...Those are sooo perfect living on the street...and everyone digs them! i got a bunch of other stuff i cant remember now. I also got the contact of the District Manager to see if I can get a volume discount..worth a try even if it is already a mark down store. I am not afraid to ask...or beg if the case may be!

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On January 22, 2009

My buddy Josh AKA Bacon stopped by my house with dessert from the little Mexican restaurant in Hamtown called Maria's...go there its a great little place and Maria is a real person! Not only did he bring me goodies..and i like goodies...he brought me a truck full of clothes collected from him and his co-workers at Holiday Market http://www.holiday-market.com/ and man were they generous and i got some outdated candy bars and bags of chocolate hershey stuff..which let me tell you ...chocolate is loved by everyone!!! and i have to admit..shamefully that i had eaten at least three crunch bars myself....cuz i stupidly read the label and they do not contain high fructose corn syrup....not something i should know cuz i avoid it like the plague it is and knowing those damn bars are free from the evils in HFC syrup i can hear the chocolate bars whispering in my ear from behind the drivers seat....eat me eat me....i am not That bad....grr and i have NO fucking will power when it comes to chocolate no matter how much of a chocolate snob i am only buy imported or high quality items from chocolatiers. Look you drink i eat chocolate and besides my doctor has told me i am free to eat alllllll the dark chocolate (the best kind) i want as it is food even if i have a sugar condition! so there!

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On January 21, 2009

A researcher in at my work who has been in twice (the first time was on my birthday and i was 110% sick as a dog...ie i am embarrassed to say hung over which i think contributed to my getting sick) i was so 'sick' but i was able to work with him and it actually helped to be distracted as we had much to research. And amen he was funny as hell and not your normal well behaved boring author, we hit it off right away when i told him if he dared to take his cup of coffee near my photos there wold be trouble. We spent a few hours getting many dead ends of athletes and then he took me lunch at the Double Tree's new restaurant Finn and Porter, the food was ok the company a riot. This cat is a hoot and interacts with people like I do..ie engaging and chatty and fun!! It was then i admitted it was my birthday (i already knew he was paying so i was not fished for a free meal!) and i admitted i had not been really sick sick but hung over. He was a good sport about my being unprofessional and not being straight up or was that my being more professional..i get so confused..that is most likely why i work on the 4th floor tucked away from people!

Well for both visits he was at the library i work at sleuthing images for an upcoming book. His first book was an Arcadia Publication they put out all the photo books on Michigan and Detroit History...where researchers have to bust there asses to get all the content and cutlines and text with little help. I have assisted the Detroit Police and Belle Isle on these books and they have a ton of work to do, mind you i like the series but oi vay the works is thankless. T.C.'s first book was "Metro Detroit’s High School Football Rivalries!" and at local book stores. The current book is on the history of high school prep basketball in the Detroit and the surrounding burbs. So to make this short entry longer..he gave me a cash donation to help out the project and i was only hitting him up for old clothes like i do everyone I meet..so total bonus! Thank you T.C. Cameron. AKA The Write Referee (http://www.thewritereferee.com) (OMG..holy shite i feel like a tart...i just wrote all that bout him and then went to his Write Referee site to make sure i had the correct link cuz i always spell referre wrong and he has an entry about me...i did NOT know this..and i in no way want it to look like i am linking to him for that...ohhh)(now i wonder if i should even write what i just wrote on hopes that no one would even bother to hit links off of my blog...ahhhhhh) (i am so going to punch him)

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Monday January 19

MLK Day sorry excuse me its MLKJ Day

I had lunch on this day with my awesome friend Eli, she 7, and her mom Athena (she's pretty cool too) and at lunch i asked her what she did on MLK Day. Well she corrected me by saying " its MLKJ Day" i kinda looked at her crooked and she said "Martin Luther King Junior!"...Oh i got schooled! Thank you very much I appreciate the lesson!

So she went on to tell me how she went to help feed homeless and hand out spoons for there chili. Her and her mom went met up with UPR of Detroit (United Peace Relief http://www.myspace.com/uprdetroit headed by Jean Wilson who is herself a movement!) to cook food and then went to the NSO (Neighborhood Service Organization www.nso-mi.org) on Third just south of MLK Blvd. (ahh!) There is where she handed out spoons and overcame her fear of meeting so many needy people. Her mom said she was scared at first by all the men dressed in tattered clothes and needing help, but soon overcame it!

My friend works for an auto company that grants their employees x-amount of hours a year to volunteer for non-profit organizations which i think is very admirable! I am not sure how she meet up with UPR but when i saw Jean some time later and asked if she remembered them she most certainly did and said Eli was adorable and worked very hard! Like mother like daughter and how wonderful is it to instill in your children at such a young age the importance of helping others. Just another way i can say as an outsider this little girl is going to grow up to be an amazing woman....a wonderful reflection of her mother...i am proud to know them both! And tickled pink to be Eli's girlfriend!

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January 16, 2009

I was very sick by time the next day rolled around and stayed in that condition until it started to less around the 23rd. I even missed work one day and slept the whole day as i was a wreck. Admittedly i kept doing some of my rounds and that made it worse i know this was not a smart choice but i couldn't just stop...especially during the coldest days of the years when the weather was at or was well under zero. and the wind chill made it even worse.

Then after getting my self more sick i decided that as a way to keep myself in the jeep instead of out running in the snow getting wet feet and frozen hands...what i started to do was make bags of food with socks, hand warmers and equal portions of food in each so i could hand them through the window.

This worked even though it was so less personal for me and not nearly as interactive with the guys. But i had to do this if i was to get better so that i would not have to stop all together. This made me realize even more that i just do not have what it would take to live on the streets of Detroit...i just dont.

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January 15, 2009

(still catching up on old blogs..)

On Thursday, January 15, 2009 I posted as a blog that was an article from the Detroit News entitled "Deep freeze: Metro Detroit shelters packed" (http://littledsworld.blogspot.com/2009/01/deep-freeze-metro-detroit-shelters.html ) and this blog is the experience i had when i went to the NSO, one of the places highlighted in the article after work that night .

After reading the article at worked I decided to take everything i had accumulated and stored in a library cubicle at work from begging all sorts of people i know and from having my co-worker Amber Arellano bring in tons from the benefit we hosted in Ann Arbor to support Gleaners as well collect items. And people were still and still are getting stuff to her. Needless to say there was a ton of stuff, so much that it took two carts and three people to take all the items down and load into my jeep. Her and a researcher whose name i sadly forget took all the stuff down while i ran and got the jeep and we all loaded the whole vehicle to the gills with bags of clothes and food.

The researcher offered to go with me and now i wished i taken him up on his offer but it was late and i had another committee afterwards. He was very cool and we were having a great chat when i bamboozled him into helping up, we were talking about the Cass Corridor and how he grew up there and was doing research on a book he was writing on the subject...so i was very interested in his work!

Once the jeep was loaded I went to NSO before my 7pm meeting up at the Bronx in the Corridor. Having never been to the building i had no idea how to get in and having called earlier in the day i was given no special instructions despite there being NO door off of Third Street so i slowly drove by trying not to look like a dumb lost white girl then i circled around and pulled up in front of the fenced in parking lot just before the building.

I got out and started to walk figuring i would find a door and was saying "Hi" to people and being greeted back then i started to ask how to get in the building and then i saw a fenced off area that lead to a door. I explained i was looking to get inside and people lead me to the door and i thanked them. Once in headed down the sloped floor toward the metal detector when i heard someone yelling at me. "Hey you Highway Lady" i turned to see Wendell and he asked if i had any stuff and i told him that is why i am there. He asked if I had shoes, i told him i had a small bag full and i would let him go through it. He thanked me.

As i entered past the metal detector it of course beeped and went off...like three times before the two guys checking people in just told me to stop and asked me what it was i wanted...but not before like everyone sitting in the room on metal folding chairs had turned to see who the fuck didn't know any better then to empty there pockets before entering...that would be me!!!

i tried to explain to the first guy but i was either talking to fast (who me) or he was just overwhelmed by me and directed me to the next guy who i was better able to explain that i had talked to someone earlier in the day about bringing a bunch of clothing in due to the frozen temps so that they could cloth people.

He told me to follow him..back through the metal detector where i again beeped and went off. He took me through a door i had not noticed before into a hallway then past a series of open and closed doors, one with little kids playing and doing homework. He led me to a room where Ms. Dixon was doing work. I had obviously interrupted and tried to tell her why i was there and that i had a jeep full of items for her, she asked how much i told her "A lot". She asked a young man in the room if he would help me out. John helped though he was not very happy to..lucky for me others helped as well including the man who lead me to her and a few of the guys on the street!

As i headed out to my jeep Wendell caught up with me and i dug out the bag of shoes for him and drove my jeep into the fenced in parking lot toward a door that entered the building. I hopped out and opened the bag of jeep and said "Take it " and before you know it we had a line of people taking stuff in to the room where I had meet Ms. Dixon, once the jeep was empty i shut her up and went to tell her 'thank you' and i saw the pile of stuff it was huge i think she was a bit surprised. I asked her if she needed me to fill out any paperwork, she asked if I wanted a form for a tax deduction, i told her no way and we said our good byes.

When i was heading out of the parking lot i head Wendle yelling at me again saying good bye. I asked him to please get into a shelter tonight knowing this one was at capacity and that even though the temps were so frigid as it was it was going to get colder that night and into the next day. He told me the people outside were waiting for a bus to take them to the Radamacker recreational center on southwest side b Livernois between Fort and Jefferson. And as he said that he pointed to it coming down MLK Blvd turning onto Third. Good Timing. He quickly told me to go check it out sometimes as they offer the service of being open 24 hours due to negative temperatures and offer 3 meals a day. Amen! We said our goodbyes as he had to get in line for the bus to make sure he did not miss out!!

By time i got to Bronx I was so cold that I hurt like i have never before due to the weather. I was physically in pain as much so that moving and even touching..hell not even touching my fingers and toes was excruciating and nothing could get me warm even though i stayed there for a 5 hours thaw out session. I took the longest hottest shower when i got home and was so grateful more than i ever had been to have a place to take a warm shower and have a warm bed to curl up into.

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DIRTY SHOW!!!!!!!!!! OMG

Dirty Show 2009 was a wild success ....so much so i am sick...and getting sick by the minute for having worked my dupa off for this (imho) awesome cause!!

I have much to write about and stories to tell but i have been trying to catch up on my sleep and feel better so that i can do the experience justice...

please bare with me as i take some more time off again (sick twice in two months..is no good) just know that i have much to report on!!

thank you!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

next day

I went to visit Albert and and Stephan hoping to see how his trip to the hospital ended as i had to leave after almost 6 hours of waiting. Albert and Nate were there but there was no Stephan they told me he was on a specific corner that I could not find after my visit with them....grrrr

Luckily i had loaded up my jeep with the of clothes and food from work cuz as soon as I parked..in a place i never had before i noticed that all the stuff they usually have with them was not this evening. And they told me why and i was totally pissed and confused (but i cant explain why cuz if i do it will give away where they have a safe place to go that is heated) so Amen i had all new blankets and clothes for them!! I pulled out all new stuff for them and was thankful and happy to do so. They invited me sit down with them and pulled out a milk crate for me join them as it makes Albert uncomfortable when i squat for so long when i hang out...so i took their generous off and took a sit. We chatted as to how they were and Albert told me about how he walked home from the hospital after staying til about midnight and getting to se Stephan who was asleep when he was able to visit him. He told me he took the bus home and sometime in the night Stephan left the hospital and instead of heading south on Woodward he went north and went some distance out of his way...boy thing! Albert told me the hospital didn't do anything for him beyond let him get some rest and told him he could come back in a week if it was still bad!!! Albert was surprised he left in the middle of the night esp since there was a warm place to sleep and food.

I told them i would look for Stephen when i left them. About this time it was brought to my attention by a gentleman that i was blocking a car...fearing i was about to get busted for being where i was or drawing too much attention to these guys i hustled my ass and moved my car to let some woman move hers. As i got out i noticed her passenger side window go down and i told her i was sorry and she said it was ok. Then i asked her if it was ok that i was where i was doing what i was and i explained to her what i was doing and it was about this time that i realized she was who was. And i sort of feared i was about to be told not come back, esp since ass hole cop had cleaned the area out that morning and left the guys with nothing...but instead she told me it was ok and that she knew who did it and talked to him and she told me she helps the guys out too and named a bunch of them and we talked about the gentlemen we knew mutually. we spoke until the guy who told me i was blocking her came up to her car, we said good bye after shaking hands and i told her my name after i confirmed she was who i thought she was..and she was.

I went back to hanging out with the guys, and we talked about her for a bit and then they asked how i had been and i told them about my hang over from the night before and the trouble i had gotten myself into and how lucky i was that it was not way more trouble and they laughed and told me to take care of myself. Then I told them about it being my birthday and they both in unionson said it to me real loud!! it was so awesome!! they were so genuine it made me like birthdays right then.

Then Nate asked if i ever felt unsafe out doing what i was doing. It was a valid question. And i tried to explain to him that I can not operate on fear cuz people can sense fear but that i trust my intuition as well. I don't put myself in obviously unsafe situations like going into abandoned buildings or certain areas at night. But that i have to have an element of being open and trusting or no one will trust me to try to help them. Albert injected to Nate "Look at her ..no one is going to hurt her" He must have seen the confused look on my face..and he went on to say that people can tell i am not out to hurt them and they are welcoming because of that... look at them he said. I thanked him for his compliments but told him I can not operate that far out of reason either and that it is a fine balance.

I have had more than one person ask me what Nate did, I have had close friends warn me about being so open. And i appreciate all of their concern and i offer no 'buts' here... just full gratitude that so many people care about my welfare!

i bow my head and say 'namaste'


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Still catching up on blog- January 12 + 13

January 12, 2009

Mary Jane (MJ) sent me an email on this today and asked me for my paypal account as she wanted to contribute to the homeless project! yea i figured any money my way would be awesome. i gladly gave her my paypal information and this was my first cash donation..i had not even thought to hit up people for money as getting items from them is so much easier. Let me tell you its super nice when someone offers you money to spend on the homeless as you see fit! and helps my pocket book too as i was doing a tad too much of it myself and it is not easy on my tight budget.

January 13, 2009

enter new day and i go to my paypal account and OH MY GAWD.. MJ transfered a very generous amount into my account that made me very excited to get my jeep full of food again as i was pretty much out at that point. I now needed to find time to get me arse to the burbs,...admittedly not my favorite place to go shopping...admittedly not my favorite activity.. i hate shopping 87% of the time..i avoid and abhor malls and most shopping to tell the truth. its just not my thing and obviously it is not as you can take one look at me and tell i am not a label whore or caught up in the charade of looking good for others. If you judge me on my external appearance for whatever stereotype you have be it the clothes or the blonde hair...well then you missing out...keep moving...!! all of that to say-i was looking forward to going to buy food for the guys!!

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Catching up on old blogs- 01-11-09

i was very sick during much of the month of the month of January..

so i will be posting a bunch of blogs over the next few days based on the notes i have taken when i am been on the streets.

January 11, 2009

I had forgot to mention an encounter from the 11th of January. I saw her on the way to Henry Ford Hospital when i was going there with Stephan and Albert...Stephan having frost bite. i asked them if they minded that I could go see her and Stephan told me he had no choice in the matter and i told him he has every as i was taking him to the hospital for his condition, he told me he would not stop me from helping anyone and that God needed to help her too and you heard Albert pipe up from the back seat. "I think God is about to do exactly that" So with there blessings i swung the jeep around heading back east away from the direction of the hospital to pull up at the light to meet this woman. I asked her if she was hungry and she was. i put the hazards on as i hopped out of the jeep and opened the side door to get her food...it was then i noticed she did not have anything more than a plastic bad so i asked if she wanted a back pack, she did!!!! i got her one and filled it with food and asked if she needed any clothing as i pulled out a nice big blue jacket and showed her. She told me she did not as i put the jacket back and then she re-thought her statement and said she thought she could use the jacket, i quickly handed it to her. I asked her if she needed a blanket, she told me yes and we put it with the food in her new bag! I asked her name, She told me it was Bonnie and i told her mine! We said our good byes and that is when i told the guys to the hospital of which i have already written...i just could not believe i forgot to write about her as she was the first woman i encountered on the streets up to that point, sadly she will not be the last.

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Dirty Show and the "Love a Cunt; Titties and Clitties" fundraiser....come get a body print!!

Its that time of year again..... and I will be at the Dirty Show for my third year in a row! and last weekend was a great success!! come by this weekend, and get printed!! we are in the back area through the 10 foot tall vagina...no. i am not joking!

"Titties and Clitties" by the Cunts

"Titties and Clitties" offer you the experience of being the subject of an intimate performance piece where you are the canvas, the medium and the art!

Every woman is a unique and lovely creature just as every breast and cunt is
unique and incredible, therefore each single print made from your body will be a one of a kind impression of the foundation of your femininity.

Some of us produce very abstract results while others are very anatomical but all of them are beautiful!

Come and create a distinct and extraordinary piece of art that speaks of you from the most erotic places on your body.

Love a Cunt

This year I am raising money for the Homeless Pack Back Project...and the new Chapter of Burners without Borders in Detroit

...and a small note on the word CUNT. this is a very derogatory word in our culture and that is Exactly why i use it ....to take away its power. Historically this word was not used to insult women but was considered in some cultures as very positive and i know many women in my circle (love them all!) and beyond who use this word freely to help dissolve the negativity it now has and reclaim the word.

a great read is Cunt: A Declaration of Independence Expanded and Updated Second Edition by Inga Muscio and Betty Dodson

and a great CUNT website written by a dood. http://www.matthewhunt.com/cunt/

and for fun...i have one i know... Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne