Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Satori Circus, Naked girls and the homeless!

I am writing about a wacky ass fund raising project for BWB in Detroit.. a handful of local artists and performers got together and created a calendar for Satori Circus 2012 with proceeds to support BWB-Detroit’s backpack project.

These calendars are for purchase.

If you want to help support the cause let me know and we can do paypal or snail mail and I can get one out to you.

Please know that this winter is expected to be colder than last and its estimated more people are on the streets. So help in whatever form you can offer is greatly appreciated.

There will be a back packing event next month..stay tuned for details.

Thank you
Burners without Borders Detroit,


Here is a snippet on the project;

and a full press release;


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Drink and Stitch

Thanks again to Teal and her sister (who i call Purple cuz she wears it so much)for knitting a ton of hats to be put in backpacks for the homeless!

People packing backpacks this weekend were impressed by your work and the mother of the bride was inspired to go back to her church in Arizona and introduce this idea to their knitting circle.

I told her i suspected they would not drink...she said oh not beer but they love their wine!! Perfect!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Bots Wedding and amazing gifts!

This past Sunday my friend Jo got married Ray in Hart Plaza at the base of the Gateway to Freedom statue. They did so to honor the memory of many slaves who found freedom at the international waters of Detroit..a city they met in and fell in love.

They came in from out of state a few days early and invited many guests..they made Detroit a destination wedding! And they did this in a variety of ways, but why do i bother to tell you that on this blog you may be wondering.

well keep reading..One of those ways was to give a bus tour from 9am to 4pm of the city they love..and this was not a popular location tour...no instead it was places they loved and enjoyed. They showed no ruin porn, but places with wonderful stories.

Two of those places were the Artist Village and the Motor City Java House were they had activities arranged for their guests to participate in if they so wished.

One of those activities was to pack backpacks for the homeless of Detroit. I arrived there with Rosey and we set up an assembly line of items to people to pack into the bags. Shawn showed up with awesome hygiene packs he made from items donated from hotels by the airport!!

Just over 30 packs were made and are ready for the streets and we are so grateful to each and every guest of Jo & Rays who took the time to help out.
We are humbled and amazed at both Jo & Ray for even thinking of making a part of their visit to Detroit and more so as a part of their ceremony. It shows so much about who they are and the couple they are going to be.

Thank you so much..small bows and deep love!


Occupy Detroit and the homeless in Detroit

This is a really good blog about someones experience with the homeless while they were at Occupy Detroit.

It made me happy to hear it esp as i heard stories about assaults this weekend and no one could tell me if they were by homeless, on the homeless or otherwise. No one could tell me about a sexual assault either, just that they heard about it.

I wrote a response to this blog in the comments. My only wish is that the writer had not listed the locations of the homeless. I work to keep that information private esp. if they are tucked away.

But please take a moment to read this...