Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 12, 2009 i decided to write a few companies two in Michigan asking for donations. i have never asked for company donations ..its beggin on a whole new level.

I hit up two i will not yet mention..still waiting to hear back from them but i will write about wrote a letter to Grabbers asking for handwarmer donations. i described to them what i do and all about the backpacks and the event to pack them. and sent them the Burners without Borders Detroit facebook page link

And not even a week later...the same exact day i gave out my LAST handwarmer i got an email from them informing me that they have agreed to help by giving donations as it follows their concept of “Sharing the Warmth”. YEA!! Nice timing!

and they asked that i ....

Please help us increase awareness of our products and brand by communicating the following discount code to friends and attendees of your event.

Enter discount code during checkout: GRABBERE2010...

and get 15% off will be applied to total order along with free shipping

Code valid until 06/30/2010

SWEET!!! thank you so much!!! so very nice of them!!
Sorry i missed you guys at the Plymouth Ice festival!

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These volunteers for the homeless know how to pack a good cause

These volunteers for the homeless know how to pack a good cause

By Ian Perrotta

Review Staffwriter

It looks like Mother Nature finally got the memo and winter has arrived. Fortunately for Detroit’s homeless, the Burners without Borders organization was already here.
What exactly does that mean? It means that thanks to the organization, over 100 of the local homeless population will be provided with a survival backpack to help combat the harsh Detroit winter.

It all started back in 2005, after the Burning Man festival in Nevada. That was the year of Hurricane Katrina, and when festival revelers saw what was happening – or more precisely what wasn’t happening – they banded together in an effort to help the citizens of New Orleans. Those “Burners” sought to minimize the devastation caused by the hurricane by lending their expertise in survival camping to the victims of the storm, as well as pitching in wherever else their help was needed.

Flash forward five years, and not much – other than location and organization size – has changed. Work continues to be donated where needed, and chapters have sprung up on five continents.

Locally, the Detroit chapter has been a pet project of Hamtramck resident Danielle ‘doxie’ Kaltz. Last Sunday (Jan. 10), she hosted a “Backpack Packing Party” in the basement of her Trowbridge apartment, and with the help of over a dozen volunteers stuffed over 100 backpacks with some basic survival essentials.

“We’ve been real fortunate that the winter has been mild, with no negative-degree temperatures and overwhelmed shelters so far,” says Kaltz, “but that doesn’t mean help isn’t needed.”

That help can certainly come from the backpacks, which were put together by an assembly line of volunteers. Each backpack was stuffed with socks, gloves, a hat, juice, water, a Nutri-Grain bar, four-to-five canned goods from various food groups, a can opener, a toiletry pack that included toothpaste, a toothbrush and ChapStick, and a poncho. FEMA emergency blankets were then tied to the packs with a scarf to finish them off.

“The backpacks are a great way to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots,” Kaltz told the group of volunteers. “They make it easier and safer to approach the homeless. Especially if you’ve never done it – all you have to do is roll down your window and say ‘Hi’. Just be sure to ask them their name, and tell them yours. It makes them human.”

That’s the type of enthusiasm that literally has strangers coming up to Kaltz and offering to assist her endeavor. Indeed, several volunteers were unacquainted with Kaltz before Sunday, and even the supplies came from people eager to help. The actual backpacks were purchased with a generous cash donation, and over 300 pairs of gloves came from Angela Palaian, who collected donations for the backpacks at two recent events she coordinated.

“The fact that doxie is intuitive enough of a person to walk outsiders through such a foreign process – fundraising, organizing, and street outreach – speaks a lot about her humanity. This is exactly why I want to do things for her. She knows how to treat people with love and respect.”

The backpack packing event was so successful in generating donations that there were actually several bags of clothes and other supplies that were unable to be packed away. Nothing went to waste, not even the bags that the clothes came in. The extra supplies were donated to the United Peace Relief, which will distribute them throughout the homeless community utilizing a bio-diesel bus under the guidance of Jean Wilson.

If you’d like to help the Burners without Borders cause, feel free to contact Danielle Kaltz at or call her at (313) 608-4580.

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Free or lost cost CLOTHING RESOURCES


can help with people in general or people who need clothing for interviews or wedding.

Need this page updated..and expanded

if i had more time i would create a resource page for services like this on a website that lists ALL the Non-profits in the city so they can network and know of other groups out there so they could pool resources, network and not have so many small repeat services but band together to create stronger more far reaching ones ..

im allowed to else can i figure out my goals!

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aluminum insultor

I got this email in December from a guy who had read about me in the Hamtramck Review..interesting idea!!


I had hoped to send you this before the frigid weather came...and was only reminded by having my gas meter removed yesterday for either updating to digital or because of tampering...I've gotten both reasons...Monday they will install a new meter...removal could have been Monday too, but they're stupid ***holes (sorry)...till then it's 37 degrees in my living room, and counting down.

So I have taken out the aluminum foil and have lined my hat and gloves...aluminum foil is an excellent insulator and retains body heat, but doesn't work so well on feet because it shreds from the walking, but might be OK for keeping feet toasty while sleeping...I'll try tonight.

Spread this tip to those you come in contact with...if you haven't already. Perhaps I could leave you a few rolls of HD aluminum foil at Cafe 1923 with your name on it...or some other place of convenience to you.

--Gary F.

Well then no kidding he left me 4 rolls of heavy duty foil!

necessity IS the mother of invention!

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Detroit Threads

hats off to Mike at Detroit Threads for having a Free box outside his store in Hamtramck for people to get coats and cloths.

I have pulled few coats out of the box for the homeless and taken them directly to the streets!

Keep it up!

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lesson learned...but still concerned.

Random memories of November

I stop at Avalon often in the mornings..yea I know it’s a pricy habit I cant afford but I do not make time to cook for myself..of that I am very guilty.

Well there is a guy who is often outside in the mornings and I cannot remember his name but he often asks for money I tell him I will buy him something instead …he always asks for orange juice. Most times he is there when I come out but once he was not and I have not seen him since..i do hope he is ok..

I got a ton of socks from the gleaners fundraiser and I keep packs of them in my car at a time and hand them out to people at lights as it’s a quick interaction and hand off on my way to work..i do this with handwarmers too when I have them!

Oh I made a BIG mistake this year…by giving Miss Cheryl my phone no no ..i will not do this again. She called my many times on many days when I asked her repeatedly to only call me on Thursdays so I could find her after I got of the soup kitchen at St. Lads so I could give her what ever I got hot that night. She never called me on Thursdays but let some heart wretching messages about needing my help and asking me to come to her home. She lives in the projects by Hamtramck. I never went even though I did try to call back, no answers…most likely the calls were made from pay phones, yes some still do exist. Mostly in poor neighborhoods where people can not afford cell phones. This went on for about a month then she stopped calling.

i do hope she is ok.

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But back in mid November

Dates are fuzzy as it has taken me so long to type these blogs up.

Most Saturdays I have a ritual of going to Eastern Market and shopping, I just love to start my weekends this way.

Sarah L and I have been going together for some time now and on a few occasions she would hit the streets with me afterwards.

She also had to path idea of hitting up distributors for bulk food about to go bad so we could get at a discount after we had bought a case of oranges the guy said he couldn’t really give a discount.

So we went to a guy she has worked with and he gave us a case of nanas to give charge! Thank you sir!

I took Sarah to NSO (neighborhood service organization) on Third at MLK. There are always people around there and we would give out whatever cloths I happened to have, what ever food she happened to have from her job in a pro kitchen and the food we would get from market in bulk.

Well one day we were giving out oranges and this guy was yelling at us to come over to him across the street and in the field where he was sitting. I told him to come over to us and went on with distributing. After we were done and had a few oranges left he was still yelling at us and I asked her if she would be cool with going over there.

We went over and the loud mouths name was Marcus and his other friend Joe. Joe was an ex-marine and he and I had a very nice conversation about what I am doing and what he is doing and how he is making ends meet. He was very respectful and someone who I felt as a grandfatherly figure.

Sarah little did I know was not having as nice a convo as I was. Marcus was dealing on her and calling her a lesbian cuz she was not interested. Nice guy.
I know she can handle herself but I had called him out earlier for being rude and yelling to us and for being lazy and lying. Joe liked that about me and I would have called him out about being out of line to Sarah had I know too!

The Next week Marcus was there again this time he came up to us and I told him he better mind his P &Q’s…he was sassy but he did!.

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