Friday, November 13, 2009

Using Facebook Mobile and Twitter

October 2009

Using Facebook Mobile and Twitter to my advantage..something good can come from them.

I think it was last month I set up my mobile accounts so I could upload from my celly to these two social networking sites…and no not so I can tell you what I had for lunch or what the woman in front of me at Kmart is wearing (is Kmart still around?- couldn’t think of a store..not much of a shopper)

But instead I figured since this year I don’t have a partner in crime to take to the streets with like I did last year and getting people to come on a whim is not easy to do…hard enuf to know when I am going to do it ..or I do it directly after work now cuz its dark so soon. (talk about the dark later oi)

So I set it up cuz I was going to meet a guy named Neil who read about me in the Hamtramck Review section of “get to know your neighbor” where they highlighted the homeless work I do. So along with St. Lads he wrote to the email in the article ( to contact me.

This guy has a house in Hamtramck that is getting foreclosed but his friend who lived there had a ton of XL and XXL men’s clothes. He told me the day he would be there and I told him I would meet him. Then the am I brave or stupid gene kicked in and I realized I don’t really have anyone to get my back on this….so I signed up for mobile uploads. Posted the address I was going to and went.

The house was tore the fuck up, in various stages of construction. But I did not sense anything wrong so I went in …we chatted for what was quite a long time and we went through the clothes and bedding and I felt my celly go of a few times but felt safe.

Then he asked if I normally do what I did today by going to strangers places..and I admitted to him that I do not and that I set up a mobile thing-a-ma-bob on Facebook, he didn’t know what it was I was not able to explain well enough…telling people what I was doing and that is why my cell phone was going off. And that I needed to check in. I took a call from Christopher telling him I was ok and would be out soon. We loaded my Mimi (oh how i miss her) with stuff and continued to talk outside. I could see Gypsy had called and texted as well as Sputnik and another friend.

I knew I was past due for checking I bid my adieu and texted the troops. I guess I didn’t realize that people were actually watching and timing me…but I am very grateful that they were. Gypsy was ready to call the cops and come looking for me. (thanks doll!)

Neil was very nice, he was out of work and had hoped to get into fixing and renting then the bust happened. He will be starting school in February to work on Wind Turbines to get in on the new industry. I told him about my friend Paul Masters who does that same thing and makes bucks…and was in Alaska all summer installing them and sending me pic from 300 feet in the air on them…scary..and cold.

It was a pleasure to meet Neil and I am thankful for all the large clothes as those are the hardest to come by. He wrote me an email the week MiMi was stolen to give me another address on Evaline where he left another page of clothes on the porch for me. I retrieved them just last week after all the car drama and pulling my brain out of my ass and getting back to the project.

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