Friday, October 01, 2010

Detroit Burners without Borders collection box at Decomp

(Thank you to Beaker for posting this!)

It might be hot in Cali (stop posting your triple digit temps on
facebook already!) but it's starting to get cold here in Michigan. And
many of our fellow residents don't have the basic necessities we take
for granted -- things like warm shelter, clothing and food. For the
past couple years, Detroit Burners without Borders has been handing
out hundreds of backpacks filled with necessities to the homeless in
Detroit... and doing it in true Burner gifting fashion -- with a smile
and a conversation while treating the recipient as a person rather
than a mere transaction. Won't you help?!

Detroit BwB will have a collection box at this weekend's Decomp,
probably at the greeter's station. We're looking for:

* backpacks
* warm gloves, socks, hats, hand-warmers
* emergency blankets
* canned food, can opener
* granola/cereal bars, juice, other small food packages
* toiletry packs

Remember that every little bit helps and together we can make a
difference! (geez, that sounds so trite but it really is true)

Thank You,

ps. Some links for the curious:

Detroit BwB Facebook page:

Main BwB page with projects worldwide:


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