Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Detroit and the homeless in Detroit

This is a really good blog about someones experience with the homeless while they were at Occupy Detroit.

It made me happy to hear it esp as i heard stories about assaults this weekend and no one could tell me if they were by homeless, on the homeless or otherwise. No one could tell me about a sexual assault either, just that they heard about it.

I wrote a response to this blog in the comments. My only wish is that the writer had not listed the locations of the homeless. I work to keep that information private esp. if they are tucked away.

But please take a moment to read this...




At 10:26 AM , Blogger little d / doxie said...

my comment to this blog was;

Thank you for sharing this story!
I work on the streets with the homeless as Burners without Borders Detroit giving out supply filled backpacks to people who do not go to shelters..i have yet to meet Tony but look forward to it now. I am glad to hear your experience cuz over the weekend i heard people were having a hard time with the homeless, i was not out there much due to other commitments.. Occupy was there WITHOUT realizing Where they were..they were in a very populated homeless park, their home, their turf!! most likely without engaging that community before hand about what was about to happen..and dont forget that is a popular destination for crack users as well. its a tough environment to say the least. i do hope the people using the park now have empathy compassion and understanding like yourself while they leave their warm homes and experience a Small portion of life on the streets, one where they are not harassed by cops to move, are able to put up tents and have people bringing them a lot of supplies and have a kitchen with warm food... please see my point..i support Occupy...i live my life as a form of protest that does not need to stay in a park but is my life on many levels..i have lived this way for 20+yrs...but the homeless i support them directly as they need my help...they need YOURS too! If nothing were to come out of this movement but an understanding that we are all interconnected- where we learn to help the Stranger next to us...it will be a very successful movement in my eyes!
~doxie from D-troit
October 18, 2011 7:33 AM


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