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Late 2011 and early 2012

I am sorely behind in my blogging for this project...luckily i text myself notes about most of the trips.. here are some of them from late last year and early January!

November 17, 2011

I got a facebook email from Rodney Curtis we used to work in the same place..he escaped! He was asking for my addy so he can send me a twenty spot for the project. Super nice of him..i send him my addy and tell him what I will buy..hand warmers of course…he writes back; “Excellent. Thanks for doing something good and positive that others, like me, can glom onto and pretend WE'RE the ones helping out. The cash is already in the mail.” He has been sick and this year has helped him realize some things in life..and I told him he is an angel...we can NOT do what we do without the help of people like you!! Then we volleyed with the compliments; What a nice message there, Danielle. But the Goddesses honest truth is that it's folks like you who are the angels. Us? We're just doing the easy bits. Thank YOU for being so generous… and to him I said.. “we are all we are all doing the good just the brave..or stupid one ...hehehe!! Thanks Rodney..sending you love!” he received the love well..

December 25, 2011

Amen. I had 3 backpacks loaded next 2 me in my car as I exited near my house & I ran into three people on the exit ramp. So thankful 2 have enuf. yea! I feel so bad when i run out. Meet who Char asked me to pray for her and her sister in- law Dede..and their friend Raphel new to the area and on the streets.

December 26, 2011

Meet the exit ramp of Moross and the Edsel ford freeway (I-94)

December 27, 2011

Many thanks to Babs and Target for the $50 gift card donated to BWB. Used the donation for hand warmers.!!

December 29, 2011

Backpacking with 19 we met up with Eric and Fred Wilson who is a left leg amputee in wheelchair. We met him by Sweet Water Bar on the edge of Greek Town. He was really peaceful and very friendly. We also found 4 guys on the sidewalk vents by St. Andys.

 January 4, 2012

 Squirt from BWB home base got up a new blog on the main website about our efforts in Detroit. Much gratitude;

January 9, 2012

I had this Detroit photographer email me about wanting to hit the streets with me to shoot what we are doing. I have been leery of this in the past for feeling uncomfortable about having people feel exploited. But I asked him what his intention was for the project and he working on three projects where he feels one person can make a difference. And made sure he understood that this project is soo not about one person. That this can not be done without the help of many people. He totally understood. So I took Khaliqu on the streets with me to give him an idea of what we do, he did not take his camera with him which I really respected about him. We cruised around downtown and we meet Gregg who spelled his name by writing it out with large gestures. I do not think he could talk cuz he was wrapped up head 2 toe. He was on the corner of Jefferson at Griswold. It was starting to rain and I had ponchos so I gave him one. He didn’t want a backpack but he did take some food. He was a very kind and gentle

January 9, 2012

Later we run into Brian on the edge of Greek Town by the highway ramp. I recognize him and he me. We greet as its been awhile and I ask him how he is. He says he has it bad..his health is really not doing well. He tells me he is staying at Operation Get Down at Harper & Gratiot, which is on the east side. And he is working to get his id..knows he should Go talk 2 Ms Evans at NSO to help him. He had a backpack and a bag but I still gave him a sack.

January 9, 2012

 Ran into another man, Mike at the 75 service drive at Monroe. He was eating & accepted a bag. He was close to where we ran into Brain -perpendicular actually across the highway. After in front of St. Aloysius at Grand River and Washington. I saw a man bedding down with cardboard who didn’t want to talk. He only said ‘food’ so I emptied a backpack and gave him all the food.

 January 10, 2012

Meet Lester Karen near the Lodge by the MGM..gave him a backpack and he asked if I had any money..uh no sorry. Always a weird thing for me to say…not only because it is 99% of the true but because how do I explain to people and sound convincing? I guess I feel like people may think I am not telling the truth. Should I care.? Should it matter? idk??

 January 11, 2012

I don’t recall but I think I was Hooker or maybe with Jess and Nick. ..or just Hooker and Nick. Either way.. we are at the I75 entrance ramp and 6 mile. And I see a man collecting bottles on median. I get out to talk to him and offer him a back and he is excited and he grabbed me and hugged me and thanked me…and I have to admit...i kinda freaked- only internally but then I instantly then chilled out as I was ashamed of myself. And I gathered myself and asked him his name.. and he says to me.. “Who shot him? on Dallas” and it took me a second to catch the 1980s pop culture reference and then I sai-. Jr! He laughed as we said our good byes!

January 11

We next run into Gypsy at 75 and 8 and her owner in a military helmet. Who was aggressive but not scary. He has lots of energy. He is friends with Mike who hooker helped a little bit before. On the other side of the highway at 8 mile.. 75 and 8 on the south side.. Hooker helped a woman named Carrie. She was pretty you and white and her skin was messed up and her teeth were really bad. She was really nice and grateful. To be honest we suspected meth...based on her looks. Busy area- Hooker also jumped out and helped a very nice guy at curved over pass that goes over75 on the way toward 8 mile. His name was Mark. Younger white guy. And the last part of this area.. We talked a really tall and super nice black man with perfect teeth and a really big smile. He was very friendly and thankful. His name was Jay.

January 13, 2012

BWB was mentioned in the Hamtramck Review. “Time to take a stroll back through the year” back-through-the-year/


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