Thursday, October 18, 2012

May 2012..Cameras were coming in ...

All through the Month of May cameras started showing up at my work where i had them mailed to...some were ever dropped off in person !

May 14
cameras get mailed today.. hope to get a few more in the mail by 3pm! fingers crossed. .. got a few notes back with some of the cameras... very powerful! i hope to be able to track people down and get stories once i have master dvd with images and make prints..would love to hear more stories!!
May 16
UPDATE.. mailed in the cameras..and got permissions from the dia for them to accept the ones that i supplemented over and above what they sent me.. cuz i only got 11 of those back and then 6 additional store bought ones... still hoping to get more in the mail though so i can process those and post them!!


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