Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunday January 10, 2010- Packing Back Packs


Sunday January 10, 2010 is the date where we, that could be you too, will be packing all the backpacks I got donated earlier this year and all the ones i have collected since.

We have about 100 so far as well as tons of canned food, can openers (must have those!), ponchos, socks, gloves, hats, hygiene products and blankets.

The packing will take place at my home and people are welcome to take Back packs with them if they feel comfortable approaching homeless, if not i will get them all out on the streets.

I have bags and bags of clothes too that need sorting; womens, children, men, coats, clothes... many of which will go to UPR (United Peace Relief Detroit) so they can distribute at a big event they are planning.

I look forward to mingling with people as we create the backpacks and form new friendships! Hope your among them!


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