Sunday, January 24, 2010

But back in mid November

Dates are fuzzy as it has taken me so long to type these blogs up.

Most Saturdays I have a ritual of going to Eastern Market and shopping, I just love to start my weekends this way.

Sarah L and I have been going together for some time now and on a few occasions she would hit the streets with me afterwards.

She also had to path idea of hitting up distributors for bulk food about to go bad so we could get at a discount after we had bought a case of oranges the guy said he couldn’t really give a discount.

So we went to a guy she has worked with and he gave us a case of nanas to give charge! Thank you sir!

I took Sarah to NSO (neighborhood service organization) on Third at MLK. There are always people around there and we would give out whatever cloths I happened to have, what ever food she happened to have from her job in a pro kitchen and the food we would get from market in bulk.

Well one day we were giving out oranges and this guy was yelling at us to come over to him across the street and in the field where he was sitting. I told him to come over to us and went on with distributing. After we were done and had a few oranges left he was still yelling at us and I asked her if she would be cool with going over there.

We went over and the loud mouths name was Marcus and his other friend Joe. Joe was an ex-marine and he and I had a very nice conversation about what I am doing and what he is doing and how he is making ends meet. He was very respectful and someone who I felt as a grandfatherly figure.

Sarah little did I know was not having as nice a convo as I was. Marcus was dealing on her and calling her a lesbian cuz she was not interested. Nice guy.
I know she can handle herself but I had called him out earlier for being rude and yelling to us and for being lazy and lying. Joe liked that about me and I would have called him out about being out of line to Sarah had I know too!

The Next week Marcus was there again this time he came up to us and I told him he better mind his P &Q’s…he was sassy but he did!.

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