Friday, November 05, 2010

Burners without Borders Detroit is grateful to DAMNED III and Atelier Gothic

Im crying... i just opening an amazing email from Anthony Dvs (and Joseph Ferraro) ... Dämnëd III donated over $400 to Burners without Borders Detroit for the Homeless project!!

The lovely note says; "Those amazing Devil Girls (Lushes LaMoan, Sarah Schropp, Angie Smith, Alison Haling and Meridith Lorde ) sold 196 tickets in support Burners Without Borders! Charles and Amy Elias of Atelier Gothique donated the $980 ring as prize. We all hope this helps!"

You have no idea how many people on the streets this will help! thank you so much!! 

I have been so busy and preoccupied with life for the last oh lord the whole year that i have not collected enough donations this year and i have been scared that i would have to really bust some ass this next month to catch up on all i have to do.... this eases my heart so much!

I am forever grateful for this amazing gift because I CAN NOT DO WHAT I DO WITHOUT THE HELP OF OTHERS!!!

thank you to each and everyone one of you for your thoughtfulness and to everyone who donated on all levels

I wish i could hug each of you...and know i will when i see you!




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