Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saw Sydney today

I have not seen him since last winter, he was hanging out outside of Avalon bakery where i always see him. He helped me into my parking spot letting me know when i was just about to hit the curb so that i didn't.

I didnt get out of my car for a bit as i was fumbling and trying to figure out what i had done with the cash i had after going to get gas..and i could not find it anywhere..i got all frustrated and said dont you hate when you misplace something, he agreed

Then i asked him if he wanted a juice, he said yes. I got him an orange juice like i always used to last winter, the colder it gets i do offer him warm drinks but I'm glad he likes juice too!

I had forgotten his name and asked him, he told me and i told him mine. He said he knew and he remembered me from last year! we both smiled and said our goodbyes.

then on the service drive above 94 by the old cass high school i saw someone begging that i had never seen before. and right then i looked in my ask tray and found the cash i couldnt find 5 minutes earlier...and i said to myself if there is a single dollar i will give it away..and there was...so i rolled the window to this guy with very few teeth who had to be about 10 years my junior and whose arm was wrapped and i slipped him the money. i ask him his name..and i told him mine.


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