Monday, November 28, 2011

Chicago..socks socks and more socks

was in chicago the weekend before thanksgiving and did not have backpacks with me nor was i loaded with supplies..BUT i had been gifted 3 dozen pairs of socks by Vicky McLellan and those were heaven sent!

I ran into two homeless men driving around town was able to gift them socks and i was so thankful to have something.

Fullton was the first man i ran into, he was standing in a medium and i was able to grab some socks out with the help of Christopher and quickly stop at a green light and give them to him.

The next man was Roy, he was in the alley behind a collective called Ecco. He was rummaging in a garbage can and we chatted for a bit...i didnt have a bag to give them to him and his hands were dirty but he skillfully managed to grab them with his wrists and place them inside his shopping cart so they did not get dirty!

Both men were beautiful spirits and full of smiles!

Thank you Vicky!



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