Friday, November 04, 2011

Thank you to ATELIER GOTHIQUE at the DAMNED exhibition.

BWB Detroit is so grateful to Charles and Amy Elias of Atelier Gothique who donated the stunning ring that was raffled off at the DAMNED this past weekend as a prize with the proceeds to benefit BWB Detroit.

Over $600 has been donated to Burners without Borders Detroit

Congratulations to the winner David Cagle...We hope you are as happy as we are.

Please know all the donations go toward direct action on the streets to help homeless.

Thank you to the Devil Girls who sold over 300 tickets to participants of the event;

your all angels..i mean..oh you get it!

Lushes Lamoan (,

Sarah Schropp- ( ,

Angie Smith ( ,

Alison Haling ( ,

Lyndsay Martin (,

Jessica Grassa ( and

Meridith Lorde( )



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