Friday, April 06, 2012

Gentleman on the corner..

While look for Mr. Pixler Megatron and i came across another gentlemen at a different corner and got out to talk to him about the project after he said he did want a backpack.. and i for the life of me can not recall his name.. :( but i remember he was the same age as Mr. Pixler 57.

He todl us he lives wherever he can mostly on the streets not in shelters..and that its not easy and he is trying to make it.

He was full of gratitude about the backpack which i made sure was well filled and i have him $10 and he was shocked and could not get over that and told us he would do the project and blessed us.

Too so many people $10 is nothing...i know what it means to me..its a meal..hell could be 2...i can only imagine what it means to someone on the streets.


YEA>>.i found Megatrons notes..sister you are a goddess

so his name is Sydney!!

he is 57 been on the streets since 2007

he told us he just found out he has prostate cancer and graves disease and has been going to Receiving hospital to get help but is trying to get out UM from Detroit to get the help he needs.

i wish Mr. Sydney the best of luck in his recovery and am sending him like i do all the people i meet love and energy!

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