Friday, April 06, 2012

i meet a tweaker!

so this morning..i am running super duper late for work..everyday this week i have been..the trip back from SF to Chicago and driving from there to Detroit in one day has messed up the girls clock.

but i am at a corner near Cass Tech and i see a guy and i have no time..and he not looking at me so i admit i was like cool i can just stay on my route..then i think..'you....' and i roll down the window and say hello and he is on it and telling me his name is Andrew and needs some help. he is homeless and he sits on the curb and is looking up at me and i put the car in park toss the hazards on and i get out..and i shake his hand and help him up..i dont wish to look down..its nice and sunny though a bit cold and he is telling me needs x amount of money to get somewhere and rattle the addy off.. i tell him i can help him and ask him if he wants to work on a project with me..and tell him about it..and he is totally cool to do it..
and as i am talking to him..he twitched his head a few times and asked him where he was at and he told me ..."i'm tweaking out right now." and i was like wow..but not judgemental or anything and asked if he was ok..he told me yea and i gave him the camera and the stamped envelope and $10 and he told me he needed $13..i told him he gets $10..he was like ok..!

he was like "i can just drop in the mailbox'..and i said 'yes..document your life for one day.. and then please share it by mailing it back'. i took a picture of him..with his head bowed as he didn't wish to have his face shown..i thanked him for letting me do that. i forgot to ask him his name..he was in his late 20's early 30' i would guesstimate and had crystal blght brown eyes

I don't much about tweakers..but i have heard they will organize the shit out your stuff one day..then the next day steal it. ..not sure if that is an accurate statement..but i do know i would really interested to see his pictures. fingers crossed

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