Monday, January 05, 2009

Burner Back Packs

A week ago today, December 29, 2008, I met up Rosey, the Garage Sale Diva and Rachel, yes that is her name…even if no one can remember it!!.
I met them in a parking lot behind the Magic Bag as they were going to see Spike and Mikes Twisted Animation. They also had a truck of goodies for me!

They gave me a box full of hats, scarves and gloves and three Back Packs full of items like; canned tuna, socks, hats, umbrellas, toothbrushes and paste, Gold Bond power, soap and most importantly …can openers! And all of them had enough room for tons of other items for the men to put in themselves!

These backpacks are bar none the best idea of I can think to give a homeless man. And the men who I gave them to agreed. (That’s the next blog)

What a great idea to have a sturdy place to put all your loot and be able to easily carry it around with you!

R&R call them “Burner Back Packs” and I totally think this will be the project I work on all year to prepare for next winter!! So I will for sure be hitting up the community for old pack backs and stuff to put in them. Cuz I seriously think if you get an old backpack or get one resale they can be stuffed for under $20.00 and make a great difference to men on the streets!

R&R even wrote a letter to their family telling them what these packs were and to inform them that it was a family gift to makes someone else’s holiday a little warmer by what they were doing!

Thank you ladies sooo much!!


(click on the image to read what they wrote and get an idea of what was in the backpacks!)

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