Saturday, January 10, 2009

More food donations!

Wednesday January 7

On Wednesday I am home doing who knows what and I get a text message from Dan that he has food for me and wonders how and when to do the drop off. I text back that I am home if he is out and about. He is and he comes over. I meet him out at the jeep and he has a big box of food, some of which he has sorted out as it has to be cooked and that is not really an option on the streets for most guys.

I go through the box and load up the box in my car with all the stuff I think will work, which was everything except a few cans of tomato sauce. He even brought me cans of fruit; apricots and peaches and pears!!! Yea!

I asked him where he got all this stuff from and he told me his parents donated it! I told him thank them for me!! Thank you so very much!!

The next day Thursday January 8, I was planning to go to the burbs to pick up a back pack on my way to a sweat lodge and figured I would take a d-tour to Big Lots to get some more canned food. And right next to Big Lots was a dollar store…duh I thought to myself I live in a city with a million dollar stores but not until now did I think to go to one! I go in and they have a lot of food geared toward the Middle eastern pallate which I thought was interesting considering I was on the east side..but cool too!! But I was thinking more like chili, beef stew and stuff like that and I found it!! There was tons of stuff and much of it under a dollar!. I scored a ton of cans of sardines and more Vienna sausages and pork and beans and chili and cookies (everyone needs cookies so hush) I had a basket filled to the top and over flowing. And the whole thing was like 26 bucks..Score!!!

I took it all out to the jeep and filled the box of food from last night with more food, it was overflowing! Then I went next door to Big Lots and found even more stuff and the damn sardines were even cheaper there…I got them for 87cents and at BL they were like 78. Dah! But I didn’t got return the first ones..i mean I am frugal and all but I was running close on time. I got 100% juice juice boxes tuna in Starkist tuna in vacuum sealed bags, no can openers needed! I got more sardines and tuna and individual cracker packs and stuff apple sauces, all for under 14 bucks.

So bags and bags of food were scored for a mad silly price! I felt like such a bargin hunter! And then I got a myspace message from cookie later that night or the next day telling me she has more food for me! Yea!! Cuz as I come across more and more of the same guys often they don’t need new clothes though the still do esp when they get wet, it is always helpful to have food!!

Even though I was running tight on time I ran into the resale in the shopping strip and scoured the bag section looking for a sling bag that Victor to carry easily due to the stroke. I found one really nice bag but it had no strap so I found it one but then it had no price tag and the bag I got the strap from that was not nearly as nice was $9.99 and mind you I could afford this one if it was that price but I grabbed anyways and another canvas one for $3.99.

At the register the cashier could not find a price either and I looked at her and asked her to please strike me a deal as I give them to the homeless, she looked at me. And gave me both for $4.75. I had a 5 dollar bill. Amen, Thank you mam!

I then went to the jeep and could not even fill the box I had to stash the stuff under the clothes in the far back so when I run out! Yea!! I headed over to libertines after that and picked up a Back Pack from here which she loaded with some food and a can opener!

So thank you to all of three of you…no all five of you have donated food this week…I am very grateful to have a jeep full of food to offer to people on the streets and look forward to doing just that!


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