Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rough Day!!

Its been a tough day..i sobbed for over two full whole hours...called a co-worker for support and got it (thank you I love you and you know who you are!) and I have broke down numerous other times...but its has also been an invigorating day ....before leaving for work today I had already planned that today was the day I go back out ON the streets even though I have been sick for over 2 weeks and avoiding doing so cuz I was just getting sicker every time I I thought no more just having bags of food and socks ready in my car to pass out the window, which has been very helpful mind you.....but right now I have a bag full of food and I am going to look for Manual, Albert, Stephan and Bryan tonight and anyone else I can find...I need to reach out to them...for me more than anything. I admit this.

So instead of getting all down and staying down from the news of days story (read the blog just before this one)...i am more determined to move forward with the Back Pack Project and getting information on services so that I am in the know and share the knowledge with those that need it!. I will have this system down by next fall I promise that!!

and yes I have been feeling bad about not getting out lately...its tearing me up to be honest...but I was just getting sicker and the numbness has been harder and harder to curb and bone chilling reality is that I was getting worse every time I went out..and this story made me feel guilty about not getting out even though I am sick and need to get better...even though I know I need to get better to be able to serve sucks that I got the sickest when its been the closest..and yes I know I got sick due to not having the right boots and gloves and fuck coat for that matter...I get all of that..and its not like I have wanted to experience on the smallest level what homeless do...dear god I don't want my biggest fear to come true...I am just stupid for not having those things to protect me while I try to help, it doesn't help that pretty fucking frugal as well.. I went to Moose jaw this weekend with Lil Jen and Taymar..and holy freoly i am not spending 30 dollars (say it with a Canadian accent) on a pair of Glove. I will stick to wearing three pair at a time cuz that works and it helps when someone needs a pair I just peel one layer off!...or you can call me cheap how ever you wanna put it.

As for the press...this story better and i mean better fucking be followed...Matty "I am billionaire living in a gated community in Grosse Pointe' Moroun better be held accountable, the city offices and police as well..cops should not ignore calls like this...which makes me wonder if I ever did have to call 911 would I get the assistance I needed?

In my view those homeless men are not for second to be considered negligent even if that guy is homeless or not for their not contacting help.. even if they were 10 steps from that man...because they are literally 10 steps from that man as well and they know it! His reality is one they are all to fearful of for themselves I imagine. And the hockey players...don’t get me started…oh that angers me and saddens. leduff calling the scene almost peaceful? uh searching for a prize in writing?...there was NOTHING fucking peaceful about that image. It was devastating and painful especially with all the refuse and cracked ice. who knows maybe having climbed down that elevator shaft to get that close for images those two had to find some peace to come to terms with the reality of it...wishful thinking on my part i get that but i'm allowed hope.

and what is a “porpoising walrus”...what the FUCK is that ..what crevice of his asshole did he pull that out of ? For fucks sake.…I am not trying to attack him really but those two points boil me. I really do hope he follows this story…this story is award waiting quality..if that is his goal..which I don’t fucking care if it …just as long as it gets other people to look up and FOCUS on what is going on..and gloss their eyes over the people on the streets..Our streets!

Please leduff continue to push this! You stuck with it for a few days and thank you for having done so. And even if the paper doesn’t give him enough inches to write about it I hope he will blog it or push it some other way. Go talk to Matty Moroun again, you just wrote a glowing story about him, knock on his door again and hold his ass accountable see what he plans to do. Mind you this is double if not multi edged…cuz now attention will be brought to the places homeless are staying outside of shelters without consideration as to why they are not there, which includes but is far beyond the fact that they are over-crowded and the system is overwhelmed. I do fear homeless will be pushed from buildings where they do find shelter and there are so many around the city.

AND hey YOU reader……If you are affected by this ..hit the forums up and put your opinion out there, let the paper know you to hear follows up on THIS story and others!! Encourage them to give stories extended lives instead of one time headlines. . Your suggestions-Help!! That is what the forum is for- USE IT!!

Knowing Max had climbed down that shack to get a better angle, assuming leduff did....I get it but I don’t at the same time or I don’t and I do at the same time. I will not be surprised when Max is awarded for having captured that image. Those images are powerful and we need reality ...on THIS subject to be blatant....and in your face!! This image is hard of us…but what people see around the world its nothing…
the forums have been amazing today about the subject...all viewpoints being expressed...some I agree with some I don’t..- all valid! Many upset over the image…GOOD you need to be upset by this picture….now maybe you will look up and help someone you don’t know. Hand that homeless man a sandwich, a drink, a buck…hold the door open for a stranger. CONSIDER the other humans on this planet with you…how many of you do NOT say hello to strangers? Please tomorrow or the next day or better yet everyone one til your just that…say ‘hi’ or even smile! It can change a persons whole day! I know it does mine when I do it!!

I do hope this topic gets attention...A LOT of that we stop thinking that others are not our problem….cuz we are our brother’s keeper. How we treat our children, our aged and our homeless is a reflection on our society…and ours doesn’t look too pleasant in many places right now. And a tragedy like this is a chance to build a better more open connection between people we know..and better yet those we do not. This quote is from someone on the forum;

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

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At 5:55 PM , Blogger The Write Referee said...


Have you ever thought about just letting it all out? Tell us how you really feel, will ya'?

All good stuff, though, and I'm glad the plight of our street warriors gets some light. I'm also hopeful Mr. Moron, aka The Troll Under The Bridge (Go ahead and Google that phrase) will get off his ass, stop counting dollars and make a real contribution to his community he's profited so much from.


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