Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 3 2009

thinking I will stop clothes… and have pretty much decided that I will pass out what I have and be done with clothes until fall. If I even decide to do clothes again. I would rather I think stick to just the back packs filled with usefull stuff like I have made; can openers, hand warmers, hats, gloves, I want to get more rain ponches and stuff like that…that all makes more sense to me.

So I have a ton of stuff to unload, Mimi is full and so is the hall way inside my building. I am so surprised my landlord has not given me shit about it or my neighbor. (he is especially tolerant of my mess in the hall)

I have a shelf I found in the alley in the basement but I have not had time, or taken it, to put the thing together to store all my loot. Need to get plastic bins for food stuffs so no critters are attracted! bad enough i had a mouse probably in my pantry post Bman...amen it wasnt during the time i have had all this pre-packaged food around ...would have been a mouse delight and a poop party for sure. (little bastards poop like you would not believe!

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