Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Saturday, March 21st , 2009

Went back to NSO the next day . to make sure I did not have a fear and to get rid of the stuff I had in Dans car.

Saturday, March 28th, 2009- SPARC set up an event to coincide with Detroit Day so a few of us showed up at the Detroit Dream Projects Temple to clean up the area and help pitch in. Afterward Cooky gave me more loot; two more bags of easy to open and divide food! Chicken in can meals, fig newtons, trail mix bars, m&m’s cuz she remembered me saying candy is a hot item..and it is!

I have been giving out the food on my way to work for the last week; Kasen and the other guy at the top of Lodge and Howard exit, and new guys I have never meet downtown.
March 30

I ordered about 2000 seeds for the Seed Bomb making party at the Spirit of Hope Church at Grand River and Trumbell. We made a few hundred and I bought a wrist rocket to shoot mine!! While there my buddy Mike Mogill was there ..he actually got the word out through Detroit Synergy for the event. And Beth (stealth cunt) brought a bunch of clothes, flannel jackets for me but that Tuka from the church said would be useful there! Instead she gave me a bunch of hand warmers which are always a great thing to have! Thank you darling cunt wait to see you again!

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