Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back Packs..and more

so ok ..this guy Greg..who i met through work cuz he likes beer and Detroit..and wanted pictures of Detroit Beer..and dogs...(dont ask!) so anywho

i met this guy and we got to talking went out for a few beers and meals and he is a fan of the city too...and i told him about my homeless project and he wanted to help..

well the other day asks what i need i tell him backpacks...not long after he sends me links to wholesale places on line and i do a bunch of searching and find some really great deals...

so i got :

72 -15.5'' Backpack

72 Can Opener - Stainless Steel w/Plastic Handle

and 96 rain ponchos

and they came in the mail yesterday...and i have a crew of people willing to help me pack them up when i get the rest of the stuff i want...

yea!! and to boot Greg is also making a donation toward buying the stuff i just ordered!! BIG PHAT THANK YOU!!!!

this is going to be cool for next year..and how awesome that i can get it done now and be ready!



At 12:44 PM , Blogger g-smitty said...

you're a great person doing wonderful things for people who are less fortunate- Anyway I can help I am there for you- Greg (who likes beer and dogs marching for beer)


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