Sunday, January 24, 2010

aluminum insultor

I got this email in December from a guy who had read about me in the Hamtramck Review..interesting idea!!


I had hoped to send you this before the frigid weather came...and was only reminded by having my gas meter removed yesterday for either updating to digital or because of tampering...I've gotten both reasons...Monday they will install a new meter...removal could have been Monday too, but they're stupid ***holes (sorry)...till then it's 37 degrees in my living room, and counting down.

So I have taken out the aluminum foil and have lined my hat and gloves...aluminum foil is an excellent insulator and retains body heat, but doesn't work so well on feet because it shreds from the walking, but might be OK for keeping feet toasty while sleeping...I'll try tonight.

Spread this tip to those you come in contact with...if you haven't already. Perhaps I could leave you a few rolls of HD aluminum foil at Cafe 1923 with your name on it...or some other place of convenience to you.

--Gary F.

Well then no kidding he left me 4 rolls of heavy duty foil!

necessity IS the mother of invention!

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