Sunday, January 24, 2010

lesson learned...but still concerned.

Random memories of November

I stop at Avalon often in the mornings..yea I know it’s a pricy habit I cant afford but I do not make time to cook for myself..of that I am very guilty.

Well there is a guy who is often outside in the mornings and I cannot remember his name but he often asks for money I tell him I will buy him something instead …he always asks for orange juice. Most times he is there when I come out but once he was not and I have not seen him since..i do hope he is ok..

I got a ton of socks from the gleaners fundraiser and I keep packs of them in my car at a time and hand them out to people at lights as it’s a quick interaction and hand off on my way to work..i do this with handwarmers too when I have them!

Oh I made a BIG mistake this year…by giving Miss Cheryl my phone no no ..i will not do this again. She called my many times on many days when I asked her repeatedly to only call me on Thursdays so I could find her after I got of the soup kitchen at St. Lads so I could give her what ever I got hot that night. She never called me on Thursdays but let some heart wretching messages about needing my help and asking me to come to her home. She lives in the projects by Hamtramck. I never went even though I did try to call back, no answers…most likely the calls were made from pay phones, yes some still do exist. Mostly in poor neighborhoods where people can not afford cell phones. This went on for about a month then she stopped calling.

i do hope she is ok.

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