Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Part 2

Christmas Eve Part 2

After I left downtown I headed to Greek Town not knowing exactly where I was going to park as it was so busy. There was a Motor City Bowl at Ford Field so the place was packed.

Well I was on Monroe and got to about where Mosiac is and figured screw it and I pulled over across from the restaurant because I saw a man in a wheel chair. I rolled down my window and got his attention and asked if he was hungry.

I got out of the jeep and headed toward the back and opened her up. I motioned over to him to come over and before he even got to me I had another gentleman asking me if I had any food. I told him I did.

Someone from the Burner Temple gathering on the Solstice donated a ton of Vienna sausages and cliff bars and cereal bars! Those combined with the other canned food I had made it possible to feed over 10 men.

I met in Greek Town; Mike, Nelson, Calvin, Bryan (who I had met before at the 75 entrance ramp near Greek Town) another Michael, Shorty a gentleman whose name started with a W who I can not remember (not Wilson, not William, grr) and about 4 or 5 others who names just escape me as there were so many guys all at once that I just cant recall. grr

All of these men were very nice and showed up out of no where, some would leave others would show up, some came back with friends.

I passed out food and clothes and everyone was very polite, one guy was right in the jeep with me sizing things up. He is actually the only guy who has actually come anywhere near me as I distribute items. And I was not bothered. He was working and trying to find a match glove to no avail. (which I actually found it today at work!!). He helped me fold some stuff to get a sense of what was there as I had none, his buddy Bryan folded all his stuff neatly and I put it in a garbage bag for him and tied it to the back of his chair as he instructed! Garbage bags are a great thing to carry around to give the men a way to haul there stuff away! The gentleman whose name starts with the W told me where he stashed the garbage bags so I could find them after he was done rummaging. Thank you!!

That same gentleman took my top hat, but I had to stop him and tell him he could not have that!!! Everyone who wanted a blanket got one and everyone got clothes. Not everyone got the same amount of food sadly as I started to run out of it before the clothes.

Eventually the back of the jeep was barren aside from a few pairs of size 40 jeans and a ratty blanket. Seems all the guys are like size 32-38 pants and size 9-11 shoes.

One of the guys and I talked for a bit, he was very nice, Calvin I had a hell of a time getting his name right until he spelt it! He was very happy I was doing what I was doing. If he only know how it made me feel.

Another gentleman in a wheel chair asked me for some money but I honestly had none on me, had actually had my lunch bought for me, though I could have used my debit card, I very seldom carry cash.

Soon the rush was over and I was organizing the back some more when I saw a guy across the street and he motioned to me, I asked if he needed any clothes. He said no that he was hungry. By this time I was across the street talking to him and I told him I didn’t have much but that I had power bars and some canned food left. He told me he didn’t want no power bars, he wanted a burger. I told him I was sorry i only had what I had. He asked me for money, I told him I had none. I told him I didn’t even buy my own lunch. He asked me what I had for lunch I told him a salad and tomato soup., though I admit I neglected to tell him it was from the restaurant we were standing in front of. It was about this time that I knew and started to get annoyed that I was being hustled. Ok I knew it from the second he was unhappy with what I had to offer and not pleased I didn’t have more for him. He then told me to get out my atm and take him to taco bell. I told him I would be back around on Friday at 4pm with more food and clothes if he needed anything. He kept on me about buying him food, and I kept telling him I was sorry but that I would be around on Friday. I finally walked away. ..oh well

After Greek Town I headed to where Manual is living as I promised him I would be by.
He was not there but I left him a big pile of food. Oi and the snow by his home was so deep!!

I also drove by the tent I had left food by before. The bike was still there and I could see a can of food sticking out of the snow. hmm… I hope that person is ok.

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