Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I called Detroit Central City Community Mental Health on Monday and they called me back on Tuesday to discuss an open house of sorts they are hosting a clothing give-away for the homeless on Monday December 29 from 10am to 3pm.

I got the call from Mr. Lee and Mr. Johnson, not a fan of conference calls cuz I cant hear them too well but these guys were really nice and helpful. I plan to be there on the 29th helping to work it and donate clothes that I am receiving that are not suitable to living on the streets.

I got some high heels the other day…yea really..not good at least for winter, though some sisters may want them in the spring but …who knows by spring I may be helping them too but I wont be supplying shoes more like condoms and needles.

But anyways..the clothing give-away will accept household items too so if you have stuff like take it to them…or contact me. And Feel free to invite recipients and associates that can benefit from the give-away!!! Get people don't have to be on the streets cuz that is well brave or stupid i ain't too sure myself...but there are places you can put in your time..but if you are not able to do that at least donate! (thanks..sorry to preach)

What is DCC btw; according to their website; Detroit Central City Community Mental Health (DCC) is a private non-profit agency providing ongoing mental health services, substance abuse treatment and prevention, housing, outreach, Literacy, supported employment and other support services to mentally ill adults in Wayne County.

Sounds good to me!

So I was supposed to have dinner with a friend on Tuesday in Greek Town but I got stood up, still have not heard from him btw….ARE YOU OUT THERE PAPA JOE…call me Please!!I'm worried!

After calling, texting and waiting I decided to leave and when I did came across a man in a wheel chair at the corner of Monroe and the 75 service drive. I past him and then almost got on the highway cuz I was cold and hungry..then I was like ..’yea right, uh hello’ so I went all the way through Lafayette park and back around to find him and he was on the move downa one way street that i could not turn down as it was the opposite way i was going over the i decide to park and run after him cuz i figure he aint movin too fast in the snow that had started. so i pulled over and noticed he was not leaving..just tending to some needs so i waited then I got out and took him a blanket.

He was very happy, I helped him tuck in around himself over the one he had. It was a tight fit god I hope it helped cuz the snow was picking up and we were under advisory. He asked if I had any pants, size 34!

I ran back scoured the jeep but no pants that size. I went with a jacket and explained to him that I was waiting on more clothes from Ann Arbor and offered him the coat. He thanked me but said he really didn’t need a coat just some pants. I asked him his name, its Ryan, I told him mine. I asked him where he was staying he said no where I apologized for sounding stupid and that I sadly understood that but was there a place for him to go, he said he was trying to get some money to get to the shelter for the night. I tucked a buck in his hand (don’t even start with me!) and wished him good luck and as I drove away in my jeep I realized I neglected to warn him about the storm coming, but then I just realized how different would that be from everyday?

everyday i realize just how disconnected i really am, thank you for the lesson.


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