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Day three -NEED MENS SHOES and BOOTS!!

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The whole mayors office thing was just too funny for a total I am a dork kind of way. I admit I was happy I got invited…happy someone reads my work blog (thanks!)

After walking to the city hall and back I was sure the cold I have been keeping at bay was docking. I had lent my car to Gregg and Ang to get bebe pictures and boy are they great ones!!! IT’S A BOY!! And I cant wait to meet him!!

.So I am not lazy (well I am but not in the ‘I cant walk 10 blocks way’) I walked and figured cool I have on two pairs of socks, boots, two layers of pants, a hat, glove and three tops this will be fine…by time I got there I was a sweaty hot fool by time I got back to work I was a sweaty cold fool...and sick…drat..who has time, i gots shits to do!

Back at work Amber comes to my desk to tell me she a ton of stuff in the lobby so we do get it with the help of Richardo (thank you) and bring it up to the library where I have commandeered an alcove for us to sort clothes. So we started sorting clothes because I need to have them organized when I am on the road especially when the men are asking me for specifics I have to be able to know where they are!

We made piles of stuff; coats, canned food, womens pants, men pants (not enough) and kids clothes. I have yet to run into women or kids..and Mr. Lee and Mr. Grant told me the reason I am most likely seeing less homeless this year is because agencies are doing a better job. I told him I was happy to hear that though to be honest I had not thought that way..i just figured people were hiding better due to the park sweeps. And I Really Hope he is right because I cant imagine budgets getting better to get more agencies out and about but if I am wrong Amen!!

I had someone else give me tips on Tuesday about abandoned homes around MLK and a mission for women I will hit up once I feel a little better next week. And I ran into an old acquaintance at the Mayors meeting today who is now working with Green Education and he is going to hook me up with St. Patrick’s Church in Corktown he knows the guy who does homeless work there.! Thank you Jabob!

After getting picked up from work by G&A and seeing the amazing Ultrasound images I took them home and went back to the shack I visited Sunday. Even though I did not have the size 11 shoes I told him I would try to get. No one was home but there were foot tracks in the snow and there were construction workers in the area across the street..which was weird and hopefully not a bad sign. I left food hoping they would not see me but happy they were there in case I might need help (sounds twisted right?)

I decided to only hit the one place cuz I didn’t want them to see me go to the other as it was closer to where they were and besides there no tracks leading to the small tent though I could see from the road that the food I put out on Sunday was gone .

I decided to call off work on Thursday, even before I left work cuz I need to rest.. Total bummer too as I had hoped to save and use my remaining two sick days for well shhh not sick days, that’s what I get for thinking that way!! Sick sick sick!!

As I left the shack I headed downtown where I meet a gentleman named Will just off Jefferson at the 75 entrance ramp. I didn’t care if it was rush hour traffic I put on my hazards and pulled up the back of the jeep and went to work. anyone who would honk or yell at me would deserve a special ring in hell, no one bothered us!!

I gave Will some food and clothes. He asked for boots…size 9 men…Seeing the Trend??
I NEED BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help! Get me boots!

I told him I would back around soon and hopefully with some boots. We gave each other blessings and I went crash as I could not even think about making the movie at Shed 5 2night..I dont care that it was "its a wonderful life and that i have Never seen the movie all the way through even though its like an American staple this time of the year...maybe next year. I ate, thankfully I have an appetite though not much motivation to cook but I had left-overs from lunch!!

I crashed on my couch with the cat cuddling with me, woke hours later to find that someone who told me they had shoes left a pair a shoes on the mirror of my jeep…Size 11!! Thank you! Those I will take out tomorrow no matter how sick I am!

Time for a hot tottie.. its late…or should I say early and i am still sick. Good night!

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