Sunday, December 21, 2008

Forth Day Out


Ok…I didn’t go out Thursday or Friday cuz I have been sick as a dog…too much running in and out of my car without my coat on…lesson learned!! Oh boy

Saturday was quite a busy one in a really good way.

I get picked up by Gregg cuz I lent him the jeep and we head to my work where I as so using him to take all the stuff I have in my jeep up so I can better sort it with amber and know what we have..inventory baby!

Getting the Lodge near work…there is guy at the top of the ramp..a very common place to find homeless is by the on-ramps down town and near the casinos! This exit had both!.

I roll down the window ask him if he wants food, cuz not all homeless do he says yes..i get some canned food out and peanut butter. Someone was a genius and got a bunch of jars of peanut butter and pull tab ravioli cans!! I think it was Amber I love you doll if so..well and if not I still love you!! Thank you to who ever got those awesome items!

I ask if he needs a blanket too and he does I grab a goose down comfortable, score!!!
And gregg asks if he needs a hand as he is pilfing through the items. I say he has one and the gentleman corrects me and show he only has a hoodie I! I quickly grab the hat and give it to him

As we are parting I ask his name, its Kabron, I told him mine. We hugged and say good bye.

At work Gregg helped me upload all the stuff and from in my car up to the end of the hall book nook I have commandeered for clothes.

He told me at sometime that he also gave some stuff to a homeless man when he and Ang were out the day before! Yea!! I was so happy to hear that.

I met up with Sara after that and we did the market. A man was roaming market asking for money, and since I didn’t have any thing clothes wise on me as we were in the market I made a call and gave him a buck and some coins.

We continued to shop and had lunch…and talk talk talk!! After that I was taking her back home with the intention of going to search for the man I have the Size 11 shoes for!! And lo and behold on Gratiot I see someone pushing not one but two shopping carts one on top of the other. It’s him!!!

I slam on the breaks and start to explain it to Sara that’s its him as I am hopping out of the car…and then the alarm goes off and I start to yell at him and the alarm as I cant turn it off I ask her to figure it out as I run down Gratiot yelling for him to stop. The alarm and the insane white girl in a leopard skin coat have caught his attention!!

The alarm will not off and sara and I both admit defeat then she notices it’s the van next us that is parked. I am not exactly sure how I set it off but I did!! By this time the gentlemen is by the jeep as I had motioned to him that I had shoes! It was at this time the alarm finally stopped! Oh dear god thank you, I have language barrier with this man made that much more difficult by the blaring alarm.

I am a little razed by this time and he says to me with his Spanish accent…relax…relax.
Ahhh and you know what it worked..i did… I was so relieved by him saying that. I gathered my wits and was able to get him a few cans of food and told him I have been by his place a few times and asked if he got the food I left, he had. I told him I would be back on Wednesday, I four days. He said three days after tomorrow. I think he is toying with me!! We shake hands and I ask him his name again because I could not understand him last Sunday …he spells it out for me M-a-n-u-a-l. Ah I got it, I tell him mine!

I ask if his coat is warm enough, he tells me it is cold and another would help. I tell hin I will look out. We say good bye and I get back in the car happy that we were able to communicate so well this time! I take sara home, eyes peeled the whole way looking for others on the street.

On the way home I run into a man on the service drive, like I said. I ask if he is hungry. He is I stop the car, throw open the back and get him some canned food and peanut butter, asking if he has any allergies to nuts. He does not. I ask if he needs a blanket and he say yes. I only have a small one with me but he says it will help as he is staying in someone’s car that he pays $10. He thinks it reasonable and the guy warms it from time to time. I cant imagine and I make a mental note of his face so I can get him a warmer blanket. I ask him his name, its Micheal, I tell him mine. I notice his gloves are so ill fitted and told him I am making heavy requests for them. He asks if I can tell his hands are curling up in the pair he has on, I tell him I can!

I ask if he knows where any other homeless are hanging out he gives me a few tips. We say goodbye. He blessed me as I drove away! I bless him too and wish him warmth.

On my way home I stop by Avalone..yea can you believe it ..i stop at an pretty price bakery after giving out food to the homeless, shit I feel like crap admitting that for some reason. But I do so as I am hungry and have nothing at home due to being sick for days and because they have a killer African Peanut soap and I want to get some Challah bread for (C)hukka, which they don’t have but have the soup. On the way in I see the guy who is usually playing the plastic drums outside in the summer who I will not lie makes me nervous for some reason! He was shoveling the sidewalk.

Now I must admit that I enjoy when I see homeless working even simple jobs to get a few bucks. I used to get so annoyed in college when I lived in the Corridor and people would as me for money as they sat outside Subway, and these looked like guys who could have jobs and I would tell them so esp when I had 3 part time jobs and was in school..i admit I would get annoyed. But there were a few homeless who would either only get returnables, David was one and his partner, never learned her name. Actually gave his a ride to the store once cuz his load was so heavy and I was giving him more, my boss would kill me if she know I did so in her car! There was also a guy I recall who shine shoes and I always felt bad as I never wore leather cuz I would have paid him to do that service for me..fair exchange cuz its not like I could afford to give Any money then.

So yea..back to Avalon. After I got my soup I walk out and we make eye contact and he asks if I have any spare change, shit dood I hardly ever do I think to myself but instead of saying no I ask if he wants some food that I have some. He says yes and starts to follow me, I tell him I have some cans he slows down and points that he has a bag full of cans for cashing. I tell him I have cans of food not returnables. He starts to follow me again as my motion to do so. I get him some peanut better, both crunchy and smooth as he asked for one of each when I asked which one he wanted! And I have him some more cans of food. As he walked away I asked his name because I could not remember it from meeting him in the summer, its Kenny he tells me as he is walking away. He doesn’t care to know mine, which is fine.

I go home and spend the rest of the day I realize I still need it! I also watched two movies cuz my brain wont shut off even though my body is happy to act like its celery and just veg out! ...The Darjeeling Limited, which was awesome in my opinion and made me realize i could stare at Adrien Brody for two hours straight..cuz i did. and i watched Little Miss Sunshine but my puter punked out right at the i have no idea what happens...oh well!

then i crashed cuz i had to be up at 515am and to the lab by 630 to help them with Silver Solstice and what would be a very very long Winter Solstice and first day of (C)hanukka!! oi vay was i up for a big day!!

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