Tuesday, February 17, 2009

January 16, 2009

I was very sick by time the next day rolled around and stayed in that condition until it started to less around the 23rd. I even missed work one day and slept the whole day as i was a wreck. Admittedly i kept doing some of my rounds and that made it worse i know this was not a smart choice but i couldn't just stop...especially during the coldest days of the years when the weather was at or was well under zero. and the wind chill made it even worse.

Then after getting my self more sick i decided that as a way to keep myself in the jeep instead of out running in the snow getting wet feet and frozen hands...what i started to do was make bags of food with socks, hand warmers and equal portions of food in each so i could hand them through the window.

This worked even though it was so less personal for me and not nearly as interactive with the guys. But i had to do this if i was to get better so that i would not have to stop all together. This made me realize even more that i just do not have what it would take to live on the streets of Detroit...i just dont.

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