Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On January 21, 2009

A researcher in at my work who has been in twice (the first time was on my birthday and i was 110% sick as a dog...ie i am embarrassed to say hung over which i think contributed to my getting sick) i was so 'sick' but i was able to work with him and it actually helped to be distracted as we had much to research. And amen he was funny as hell and not your normal well behaved boring author, we hit it off right away when i told him if he dared to take his cup of coffee near my photos there wold be trouble. We spent a few hours getting many dead ends of athletes and then he took me lunch at the Double Tree's new restaurant Finn and Porter, the food was ok the company a riot. This cat is a hoot and interacts with people like I do..ie engaging and chatty and fun!! It was then i admitted it was my birthday (i already knew he was paying so i was not fished for a free meal!) and i admitted i had not been really sick sick but hung over. He was a good sport about my being unprofessional and not being straight up or was that my being more professional..i get so confused..that is most likely why i work on the 4th floor tucked away from people!

Well for both visits he was at the library i work at sleuthing images for an upcoming book. His first book was an Arcadia Publication they put out all the photo books on Michigan and Detroit History...where researchers have to bust there asses to get all the content and cutlines and text with little help. I have assisted the Detroit Police and Belle Isle on these books and they have a ton of work to do, mind you i like the series but oi vay the works is thankless. T.C.'s first book was "Metro Detroit’s High School Football Rivalries!" and at local book stores. The current book is on the history of high school prep basketball in the Detroit and the surrounding burbs. So to make this short entry longer..he gave me a cash donation to help out the project and i was only hitting him up for old clothes like i do everyone I meet..so total bonus! Thank you T.C. Cameron. AKA The Write Referee (http://www.thewritereferee.com) (OMG..holy shite i feel like a tart...i just wrote all that bout him and then went to his Write Referee site to make sure i had the correct link cuz i always spell referre wrong and he has an entry about me...i did NOT know this..and i in no way want it to look like i am linking to him for that...ohhh)(now i wonder if i should even write what i just wrote on hopes that no one would even bother to hit links off of my blog...ahhhhhh) (i am so going to punch him)

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