Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On January 22, 2009

My buddy Josh AKA Bacon stopped by my house with dessert from the little Mexican restaurant in Hamtown called Maria's...go there its a great little place and Maria is a real person! Not only did he bring me goodies..and i like goodies...he brought me a truck full of clothes collected from him and his co-workers at Holiday Market http://www.holiday-market.com/ and man were they generous and i got some outdated candy bars and bags of chocolate hershey stuff..which let me tell you ...chocolate is loved by everyone!!! and i have to admit..shamefully that i had eaten at least three crunch bars myself....cuz i stupidly read the label and they do not contain high fructose corn syrup....not something i should know cuz i avoid it like the plague it is and knowing those damn bars are free from the evils in HFC syrup i can hear the chocolate bars whispering in my ear from behind the drivers seat....eat me eat me....i am not That bad....grr and i have NO fucking will power when it comes to chocolate no matter how much of a chocolate snob i am only buy imported or high quality items from chocolatiers. Look you drink i eat chocolate and besides my doctor has told me i am free to eat alllllll the dark chocolate (the best kind) i want as it is food even if i have a sugar condition! so there!

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