Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still catching up on blog- January 12 + 13

January 12, 2009

Mary Jane (MJ) sent me an email on this today and asked me for my paypal account as she wanted to contribute to the homeless project! yea i figured any money my way would be awesome. i gladly gave her my paypal information and this was my first cash donation..i had not even thought to hit up people for money as getting items from them is so much easier. Let me tell you its super nice when someone offers you money to spend on the homeless as you see fit! and helps my pocket book too as i was doing a tad too much of it myself and it is not easy on my tight budget.

January 13, 2009

enter new day and i go to my paypal account and OH MY GAWD.. MJ transfered a very generous amount into my account that made me very excited to get my jeep full of food again as i was pretty much out at that point. I now needed to find time to get me arse to the burbs,...admittedly not my favorite place to go shopping...admittedly not my favorite activity.. i hate shopping 87% of the time..i avoid and abhor malls and most shopping to tell the truth. its just not my thing and obviously it is not as you can take one look at me and tell i am not a label whore or caught up in the charade of looking good for others. If you judge me on my external appearance for whatever stereotype you have be it the clothes or the blonde hair...well then you missing out...keep moving...!! all of that to say-i was looking forward to going to buy food for the guys!!

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