Friday, December 23, 2011

December interactions on the streets

Dec 4, 2011 on way to see a movie with Mario. i spied a woman sitting under the bridge at 8 and Woodward..i pulled over hit the hazards and got out..the person was covered in a childs blanket..and i quietly walked up and said hello and asked if i could help with some handwarmers and 2 pair of socks.

A women peeked out..and said yes. I gave her what i had and she was very thankful. She pulled back the blanket and i saw she had no socks on at all. and her coat was thin..i ran to my car and had a red wool jacket and asked her if she wanted it..she did. she was very weak..and very thankful..i asked her name and told her mine..she is Mia

i got back in that car and tried to hold back the tears.. Mario was very understanding. that was his first time with me..doubt it will be the last.

Actually on the way to movie at 8 and 75 we saw a man in front of cars and begging and fronting..and i told Mario i would never stop for someone like that even with him in the car.

After the movie at the same spot was a guy named Jim..and later another woman, her name might have been kim i forget...who both lit up when they saw socks..they were very happy.

December 7

I meet Clif at shelby and fort walking caught his eye..he motioned 4 drink i offered socks his eyes lit up and he blessed me!

December 20

Meet John at 75 and 8 mile..

on the 21st..

i saw kevin by work, he is one of my favorites.though i had to ask him to tell me his name again..we wave to each other every morning he is on the off ramp at Howard...great big smile! ..this day his foot broken..someone ran it over at that corner..ironic.. nice..
i gave him a fuller bag that day with extra loot..yup!



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