Friday, December 23, 2011

Detroit Soup

I was invited to present at Detroit Soup on the evening of Sunday December 11.

I accepted as i was honored they liked my proposal. I knew it was going to be a busy day as we had the Homeless Backpacking event from 1 to 4pm.

I got there early with Christopher and Mario with me. On our way in a homeless lady was at the door,her name was Joy. I told Miss Joy what i was about to do and that when i was done i would come out and give her the backpack i had with me.

Heading up the stairs i totally tripped..going up!! and the door guy looked and i laughed and did he.. doh! great entry!

The space was all decked out. I knew a handful of people and after checking in just started to mingle.

Met some people and talked to a guy from the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing who asked good questions about how much it costs to make each pack..which to be honest i really dont know...Yet! but will hopefully figure out soon with help from someone else this evening i ran into.

We all mingled and talked, and listened to a poet then the presenters got up. I went third. i presented against 3 other groups..the others being Detroit Day from Ann Arbor, a time/work share project in Woodbridge and a project to help handicapped women start their own business.

I was really nervous once i had to stand up in front all the people..not sure why but i felt out of my element, over tired from the day and i was me..only more nervous and silly.

I started off on a bad foot i think cuz a friend told me right before i went on that since i am established the crowd might now pick me so i had to make them get get it...i know he was trying to help but i stepped off thought process immediately. I tried to cover what i could in the time i had while fumbling and not sure of what i had just said two sentences was a mess.

Lucky for me there was a 4 question session after..where i was able to really shine i think and bring home what it really was about instead of me just babbling. being asked direct questions about something i am so passionate about really relaxed me..i even had the crowd laughing at things..though i was still nervous and not exactly sure why they were laughing..but i get that when i get going..people often giggle at me..and with me too!

After all presenters went there was time to eat and mingle more..and i ran downstairs to give my backpack to Miss Joy who was now inside sorting her stuff and able to get inside a bit to warm. She was really thankful!

on my way back upstairs i tripped up was too funny and the same guy saw me..hilarious, i laughed my butt off again!! People asked lots of questions and i talked to the other presenters to about their projects..which are all cool.

When the votes were tallied the main organizer and i feel horrible that i am spacing on her name right now.. got on the stage to talk about the food we all just ate..which was great and thanked everyone and talked about Soup...then the young boy with her read the name of the winner for the evening.

Burners with Borders Detroit was chosen and went on stage to thank him and take the wad of singles and was a lot. $690.50 I thanked everyone and told them this was going to be so helpful and told them i would be back in March to talk about how it helped!

I am so thankful people what this project is about and support it so much.
so so so grateful


Christopher Breedlove has video of the event..when ready i will post it here!

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