Friday, December 23, 2011


Wow..the HOMELESS BACKPACKING EVENT we held on Sunday December 11th, 2011 and it was a big day for us..I am just now getting caught up on thank yous.

My mother and i showed up at the Senior Center in Hamtracmk at noon to help set up...and much to my surprise 13 people showed up as well to help set it up.. i thought i would have 3 people show... it was insane so Detroit in the assembly line style of setting things up for people to be able to come in and fill packs...and boy did they..

over 50 people showed up and we packed over 200 most likely like 250 backpacks!
it was so amazing and inspiring and to be honest kind of overwhelming.. they were all packed in less than 2 was just as fast as last year with double the amount of supplies. it was so wonderful to witness as i ran around directing people and answering questions and talking to the seniors who live in the center who were curious about what we were doing. Two residents even came and donated supplies!!

Friends from high school I had not seen in 20yrs showed up with families in tow to help.. people from all aspects of my life... and a handful of strangers too

here are pix to the event ;

That night i also presented at Detroit Soup more on that in the next blog!

Thank you to all the people who donated, collected, fundraised and showed up to help backpacks!!

HUGE BOW to each of you!



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