Friday, December 23, 2011


BWB Detroit Thanks everyone i can think of who has helped us over the last few years...thank you so much...i wish i could express how much your help means to me!

hands together head bowed.


In no are all equally important!

Atelier Gothique
Guilliom Family Foundation
Anthony Guilliom
Allison Guilliom
Max Guilliom
Joe Ferraro
Christopher Breedlove
Chicago BWB
Carmen Mauk
Lee Anna Mariglia
Jojo Smedo
MI point of View
Bacon- Josh Mac
Carol Kaltz
Jeremy Hocket
Faith Shinaver
Eric Miller
Ro Zielke and Rachael.
Nick Papcun
Jess Zerwas
Vicky McLellan
Ken Poirier
Barbarba White
Theatre Bizarre
Shawn Matthews
The Schankin family
Adam Layne
Sharon Layne
Madeline Frost
Becca Emerson
Millicent Johnson - Sharable magazine
Liz Lola Teifer,
Anita LeBlanc
Amber Arellano
Paul Fontaine
Justins Natural Peanut Butter
Ian Perotta
Hamtramck Review
Sarah Mackey
Teal bruce
Glad bags
John Wiley
Chris and Kim Castell,
Tom Nardone and his wife
The Dirty Show
Jerry Vile
Love a Cunt
Alyssa bradish
Liz Teifer
Sarah Tacas
Jennifer Allen
Nicole Laney
Sarah Lachowski
Tabi Hojna
Jade Ashekerra
Haley Jane
Chrissie and Garrett,
Tuka and Jane
Mike Mogill
Cynthia Cooky Jones
Donna a patron of the Saint Ladislaus Hamtramck Soup Kitchen
The ladies who cook weekly at Saint Ladislaus Hamtramck Soup Kitchen
My old landlord and his brother Chester and Fred Kasperzak for letting me take over the basement to house bins and bins of supplies
Soup at Spaulding for allowing me to come and present TWICE!
Pastor Matthew at Spirit Hope Church
Miss Jerry Andres from Spirit Hope Church for running the clothes pantry
Jimmy Santiago and his secret gifts
Angela newson and aya too
Lisa Forley
Cindy Bartkowiack
Amy Hajec
Susan Hajec
Yassar at ProDiscount Hamtramck
Rachal Timlin
Leslie Blackburn and her daughter Hanna
Kim Rhotan
Aylex Hakuai Araque
Pete Coe
Erin McClain
Craig McClain
Jennifer Gabrish
Detroit Soup.
Marc Beaugard.
Aaron Timlin
Melody Joy Shatto
Joshua JKanizzle Cunningham
George Barnett
Lisa Forzley
Lindsey Harnish
Studioklinicseven Kristine Diven
Jori Hayner
Charles McMoses
Meredith Nilsen
Molly Vikart
Heather Favrah Fincati
Andrea Brassert
Keisha Smith
Amy Ellias
Angela Pal
Dub Step Circus
Alyssa Martinez
Karen Shirey- sent to me by Peter Pan
Jay Bee- Frank Buck
Peter Pan, the mysterious
Mike Sudz
Amanda Zins
Jim Bates
Frank Lawson
Michelle Oralee Lewis
Ann McGaffy
Zumbas Mexican Grill
Donors to BWB Theme Camp 2010 for all the socks and backpacks~
Tiffany Sinacola
Rita and Scott Sinacola
Diane Johansen
Chris Cornwell
Hamtramck Senior Center
Kim Rhotan
Ronnie Parrish
Stacy Parrish and kids
Shari and Bob Rehs and Nina
Dan Trevisan
Sola Obayan
Social Good Detroit
Kaye Marie Zbiciak
Jodi Rogers
Mari Vaydik
Alex Pratt
Melody Joy Shatto
Mabel Costello
Valerie Thompson
Steve Nilsen
Nate Klenk
Tommy Nugent
Carrie Bolton-Sawicki and HERO is the Homeless Empowerment Relationship Organization.
Tim Castañeda, & Zumba Mexican Grille
Pete Coe
Tondochan LaSylvet
Hannah Lewis
Jon Koller
Moose Jaw
A Mayonnaise Graveyard
John Easa
Greg Smith
Alison Kinning
Claire Broderick
Andrea Mattson
Fuzy Tek
Rodney curtis
Garrett Myles Goforth
Gretchen Martin
Brian Lewis

To all my Birthday Wish 2011donors
Bryan Rice
Diane Kobasic
Priya Sarin
Monica Storch
Peachy Von Detroit
Avanti Herczeg
Damian Polack
David Koren
Thomas Jankowski
Scott M Reilly
Paul M. Grinnell
Julia Raskin
Bohdi Bill Bader
Arthur Zukowski
Codrin Cionca
One Space
Sarah Elizabeth Whitman
Aaron Krynicki
Tom Nardone
Judith A Mauro
Nicolle Tsertos
Kyle Carey
Larz Gaydos
Abhik Shah
Brian Lewis
Cynthia Cooky Jones
Thaddeus McKracken
Lindsey Godlove Harnish
Legged OfFour
John Wiley
Paulette K. Michelz

and to each of the countless others who donated and helped that I do not know your names and i am so hoping it did not forget anyone if I did please forgive me!

So much gratitude and thanks and love and wonder for each of you for helping this project…by believing and supporting cannot happen without YOU!!

Happy Holidays from Burners without Borders Detroit

Much love




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