Friday, December 23, 2011

Smokey and Yassar in Hamtramck

December 22

I was in Hamtramck seeing Yassar at Prodiscount to check out the items i bought from him. he has been doing some bulk shopping for me for the project. been getting small stuff from him for years and he now wants to i give him ideas on what i needs and when he shops he texts me deals and costs!

After Detroit Soup..i asked him to price out gloves..they are nice too i saw them and the thermal socks.. 250 of each..will pick up Dec 24 after i hit up the Spirit Hope Soup Kitchen.

On my way into his store i saw Smokey. his name is not Smokey but i have 'known' him since i moved to hamtramck in 1998. I often buy him fruit and stuff when i shop there. last night i asked if he wanted a back pack and told him what was in it.

I asked him name again..its Charles. He has a speak impediment so its always been hard to hear him. but i can always tell when he says God Bless me!
I went in and grabbed a few more things and can opener as his backpack didnt have one when i checked it like i do all of i am glad i checked..and glad cuz i found MY hat...i must have set it down during the backpacking event and bam it got packed...funny!

Glad i could help Charles out and i am thankful that Yassar is helping us out!

we are all interconnected




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