Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enter March 2009

March 2nd i decide to take my Martin Luther King floating holiday! For lunch DT and i went to the new French Crepe place in town called Le Petit Zinc, nice place..and so a Corktown mingling place! Love it. Meet some new peeps and some peeps who knew and read my work Green Blog! i was tickled!
The crepes were fab..i had the mushroom..oh my! Charles was our server..could have listened to him for hours...he has a wonderful accent despite having lived here for ten years! i would go back to just to hear him speak!

After went to the Ren Center for the free tour they give...totally worth it. great history of the building and good tidbits on the city.. have pix will post soon! The view from the 73rd floor was stellar! it is the 2nd highest restuarant in the round in the usa, the first being the John Hancock which i had brunch at with Blove in November, it is on the 95th floor. Both very cool...but the Ren Cen gives a view of My city!!! and it was great! http://www.gmrencen.com/Tours/tabid/65/Default.aspx

As we looked out of one of the windows Kim the tour guide gave a talk on development that Dave Bing is doing with lofts and other lofts that are going in the old Freighter steam engine building...and that is when i noticed it.... i could see Manuals home from there....amidst all the potential growth and lofts and building. i could see earth movers and equipment ...it was sad... even if its reality that he will soon be pushed out of his home, which he says he has lived at for 8 years. Mind you the economy is bad so that may slow growth in the area and Bing is up for mayoral election and that could distract him and his coffers... but it is bound to happen....oh... i dread the day.

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