Wednesday, March 04, 2009

January 29th 2009...

January 29th 2009...

still no Albert..or any of the guys at the heated location.....breaks my heart every time i go by. which i have started to do like every 2 or 3 days hoping to find them there. On this day i went to see Manual. He was not out and about but there was a fire in his hut, he has something like an old kerosene heater i can see from the outside that he burns wood in. I left him some food. I went to see if the tent was still up and it was and i was very nosey again and unzipped it to look inside..this time without as much fear. It had been cleaned up inside and had a bunch of new stuff!! new owners? not sure...dont care...just happy to see activity. I left some food.

Went to NSO after dark that night dan went with me and we met Shorty and Rodney...everyone calls him Link, like a bike chain he told me. He knows Jean from UPR, who on the streets doesn't i wonder? We met Joyce and lavern and about 5 others once the back of the Jeep was open and we were distributing what I had. And this was a good load..I got this Load from Josh and his co-workers at Holiday Market in Royal Oak. Mind you i still never time to sort what i get so its like xmas when the bags are opened...and boy was it this time! There were like 5 pairs of Levis blue jeans which are always a valued item!

I gave out a ton of candy from Josh too that was a treat to everyone!!! i was tossing full bags of Hersey kisses out to people and they were so happy! I met a Laverne who had grandbabies so i was able to give her a bunch of toys that a little girl gave to Josh for the homeless. She was so pleased to have stuff to take home! There were books, games and puzzles and clothes and a teddy bear. A gentlemen got some too as he had children at home as well!

Link and Shorty hung out and talked to us quite awhile as they had missed the deadline to get in the shelter. Shorty was so thankful for his new clothes and jacket that he actually got welled up and hugged dan with such gratitude. Talking to Link was a treat, he looked out for him and Joyce and it seemed for Shorty to a point as well. I asked where they were going to stay and if they needed a ride somewhere, he told me there was an abandoned house on Mack they would go to but he declined the ride.

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