Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 7 and 8, 2009

March 7th, i was not able to stop by to see Albert as my day got out of control in a good way and i didnt get home from Ann Arbor til after 2am. But i did get like 4 bas of food from my friend Andreas who is graduating from UM very soon and gave me stuff he knows he will not use. Bottles of water, bags of nuts, a bag-o-wine, cans of chicken, vegetables in a can and more!! i am very happy and thankful! as i have little food left at the time and a Car full and a hallway full of clothes from ...who else the amazing Josh Bacon!!!

the next day, March 8, i made sure i had a blanket, a sweater and food for Albert and i went though when it was pouring down rain. And as i pulled in i saw a pair of boots and a figure laying down. i got out to see if it was Albert but it wasn't. i could not tell if it was Nate or who it was. i did not bother to wake him. Nor did i leave food which i regret now but i was on my way to dinner with friends and the back end of the car was in the pouring rain with no way for me to pull it out of it...and i was being lazy and greedy with my time. ... i suck!

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At 7:23 PM , Blogger affinity said...

You are an amazing woman!


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