Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Must be Waterproofed

March 9th, 2009

I am out in the burbs...finally went back to the gym..i have to get in better shape if i am to keep this up long term like i plan too!! well on the way home on McNicoles at 75 there is a man on the middle median like there often is and i swing over like 3 lanes to pull up next to him. I roll the window down and ask him if he is hungry. I hop out pop the trunk on the rental which btw holds only like 1/8 of the stuff the jeep does and really sucks for this gig!! It is filled to top with stuff that i can hardly find anything.

I say "Hello!! your name is Johnny right?" He tells me yes and that he is surprised i remember his name. I told him we met before and as I am about to tell him where he tells me he remembers me. I tell him my name again! We met on New Years day i tell him and he tells me 'yes you were with your daughter' i smile to myself as i realize yes i am biologically old enough to have an adult child. wow..reality when you least expect it! I tell him her name is 19! He told me he lost the gray hat we gave him it dropped when he was biking and didnt not notice it. He has his bike with him, its leaning on the pole behind him! I really like the idea of getting bikes to homeless guys who can ride them. He is proof that it makes sense! i give him the blanket and sweater i had for Albert and some cans of food and water. i have no bag to give him but my gym bag. i tell him i am sorry. He thanks me and i get in the car to go ..when i remember i stashed plastic bags in the trunk..i jump out and tell him to wait... we pack his stuff in the bag, he tells me again about being disappointed about the hat, I notice gloves in his pocket and comment i am happy that he has those. He is too! We say our goodbyes! ..i still need to get back to Albert!

.and i make mental note that the Back Packs have to be waterproof cuz it had rained that day and even in the winter once things get wet they are useless to guys on the street..cuz who has a place to thaw the stuff out most the time!? Ponchos too ....must get rain ponchos!!!

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