Wednesday, March 04, 2009

January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009

met Wilson in Greek Town gave him some food and he asked me about boots and jeans. AHH these are the two things i will have to stock up on over the summer for next winter for sure!! I also met Sonya Clayton on Monroe in Greek Town she had lost her friend and needed to get on a bus, i told her i had no money but we went through the back of the Jeep and we got her a pair of gloves and a scarf before she was on her way.

I went to Avalon after that and met Sydney but i had little food at this time which i gave him so i asked if he wanted a coffee. He asked if he could instead have a hot cocoa! of Course with whip cream too! And the reason i was there was to met with Tamara as she landed a job in Chicago and moving and had food and hand warmers for me to give out!! i got it from her after getting Sydney his hot cocoa, i looked for him after to give the warmers to but he was gone!

Went to well #10 again to see if Albert was there....again no one was...just small scarps of card board left discarded.

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