Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love a Cunt back at the Dirty Show

February 13th

I could not believe how the week before kicked my ass...it was such a success.. i painted more boobies in those two nights than i did the whole year before!
It was a marathon boob weekend i tell ya!

and over the course of both weekends it was so awesome to see so many women either confident in their bodies and more than willing to strip for me or and this camp was way better for me to be a part of...women who were not very comfortable in their vessels willing to work on that fear or discomfort and willing to do so with me..a complete stranger. i had women tell me they were doing it for their boyfriends, for their girlfriends, for their bedrooms (that is where mine hangs), doing to honor a post baby body, or because they were pregnant (she was 4 months!!) I had women tell me they were doing it to acknowledge and accept their bodies the way they were!!! I had some were nervous and a few who were 10 times more so. I had women make excuses for their bodies and women boldly show them off! To me every one of them was amazing and beautiful and i thanked them for having the confidence to do this!! I had more than one woman tell me that i helped them to be comfortable to strip and do this...and they thanked me for that... and i thanked them right back and told each of them i was honored that they felt safe with me. As this is root reason why i do this project!! I cant tell you how happy those moments were!!!

I want women, of all shapes and sizes, big boobs, little boobs, real boobs, fake boobs, firm boobs, free wheeling boobs to be confident and proud of their bodies. I know i have had some major issues with body complex growing up...all the women in my family are very robust..so i had issues as i was shaped like a12 year old boy til i was like 19 or maybe 29 not sure!..and it took me a very long time to gain confidence in how my body..with all its flaws, shape, scars, cellulite and size 7 to 10 loveliness!! and even recently i have had issues...they dont just go away and never come back i found and i have had to work really hard this time to gain confidence back and that is why this year at the Dirty Show it was that much more important for me to make it a positive experience for women.

oh and on the subject of cloths sizes...guys are so lucky...if women's clothes had a fucking standard for sizing i could tell you what i am but they don't so i cant....gee do you think that alone does not fuck with women's heads...or having to deal with the lovely trick of designers dropping the size of clothes but upping the prices cuz they KNOW women will pay more money for clothes if the number on the size tag is smaller!! Size extortion! Fucking ass holes!
and women fall for it and buy into cuz it makes them feel better... i sure as hell hope that men have dick size issues...no i really don't i just hate that women have so many issues that are socially created for the most part! grrrr ... and i get viper pissed about this!! and i know i am a lucky one..i for years wore guys clothes and now i just don't care but i hate that women do...and so many of them!!

so back to the project...its because of all of that and like a hundred other red hot issues that i do this project !! I LOVE IT when women are sooo happy with their print and are excited to be standing nekked in front of me all painted up and then add they are doing it for charity and they are about as geeked as i am.....then i clean them up and send them on there way!! its great i love it!! My job sucks!

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