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Baby It’s Cold Outside! The Atelier Gothique Burners Without Borders Detroit Project!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! The Atelier Gothique Burners Without Borders Detroit Project!

The Amazing due behind Atelier Gothique Charles and Serphina Black the couple who made the amazing donation at the DAMNED show of the ring that was auctioned off and raised over $400 for Burners without Borders Detroit have come up with a project being offered on their website and are advertising it on facebook. The entry is long but worth reading…and the chance to win a wonderful unique handcrafted piece of wearable art is amazing.

Read of to their post on facebook;

Baby It’s Cold Outside! The Atelier Gothique Burners Without Borders Detroit Project!
by Atelier Gothique on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 9:17am

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

This will be long winded I ask you take the 5 minutes from your busy day and please read.

For those that personally know me you know how I get when I feel strongly about something so please read this all the way through this is not like my normal soap boxing!

As many of you know and so many more of you don’t know here at Atelier Gothique we have a personal cause. There are a group of people in which Seraphia and I like to refer to as our “Fuzzy glow-stick cousins” the wonderful Burning Man people. There is one in particular a friend of ours here in Detroit … Doxie…

Doxie is amazing she is one on the most selfless people I have ever met, her compassion, kindness and self sacrifice for others shows us an exemplary example of the goodness of mankind. She does this not for glory or fame or a pat on the back but just to help those in need. As a matter of fact she has no idea about this posting she will find out about it at the same time as all of you. She is also so humble that I am probably going to get my ass kicked for bringing her into the “spotlight” on this.

Doxie has put together and runs Burners Without Borders Detroit (

Now I know there have been many generous souls that help and have helped her in her mission but really she has done so much and worked so hard and given so much of her heart her soul her time her energy her love and compassion she should be commended. So Doxie.. We Love You! You are one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

I have posted links to the BWOBD fan page before and asked people to “Fan it” and a few of you did….. I ask again! Its pushing a simple little button that puts a simple little like on your page… who cares if you are not from Detroit…. It may be seen on your page by someone who can make a huge difference and you may even be that person so fan the page!. Link above. Also until they get their website up info on BWOBD can be found here (

Now what does Detroit Burners Without Borders Do? Well the following are Doxie’s words not ours……

Creating random acts of kindness & service to Detroit Homeless.

1 supply filled backpack @ a time. Always accepting donations!

As we all know Detroit is on hard economic times and its getting harder. This is a perfect time for grassroots community building. This is when organizing our community to network with other organizations in and around Detroit to help those in need is most important.

Detroit Burners without Borders is an opportunity to help others in your area. You do not have to give money (but if you do that would be great) which you may not have instead give of yourself and get out and do community service that not only helps others but leads to building stronger community, networking and friendships with people you might not otherwise come in contact.

If we as concerned and proactive citizens get together to combine forces to volunteer, support and assist others we will succeed in not only building a stronger city and community but what we will accomplish spreading hope to people who will if we are lucky be motivated to join us in making this city one where we can all be proud to say we are from.

So won’t you join us in our up coming events and please brainstorm with us on ways that we can continue to help others! Who in your city do you see that needs help? What organization could use a robust crew of like minded citizens to come in and help them on a project? These events could be one time or on going it matters not…what matters is that they are!!!

Looking forward to burning with you!

Here is also a link to a note that was written on one of the packing parties….

So Baby Its Cold Outside…….

This morning at 6:30am I started another one of my ridiculous work days and while the coffee was brewing I stepped outside and fired up a Djarum Black and was like shit its finally winter here in Detroit and I was freezing my Jewels off. I take solace in the fact that I know in 3 minutes I will be back in my warm home, where Seraphina is sleeping in a warm bed, my daughter my niece are sleeping cuddled up with our cats and all is well and all are ok……. I know that no matter how bad things ever got I would always have a roof over my head and my family’s head. It makes me reflect again back to a meeting I had with Doxie a few weeks ago as we were brainstorming about how we could help those that are not in this same boat.

Soap box…… It pisses me off to no end that I live in the most powerful nation in the free world and yet we have citizens who are lacking the very basic necessities to sustain life there is no excuse!

We have a federal, state and local government and a system that fails and fails badly how is it we can afford trillions of dollars for wars and bullshit but cannot help our very own sustain life which would cost a fraction of the “War Effort”? As a veteran this pisses me off even more!

This is not about well it’s a bunch of junkies on the streets so it’s their fault why should I help them. These are people that lost their jobs and homes due to our outsourcing to countries we should not even allow importation from due to their human rights policies (our governments failure and selling our asses out to big business) . People that lost their homes because they were bankrupt over asinine medical bills they could not pay (Yes we are the only country in the Free world where people lose everything due to ridiculous medical costs). So most of these people that are being helped by Burners Without Borders Detroit are families like yours and mine, veterans, everyday people that fell victim to bad luck, the worst economy since the great depression, illness, and a general failure of our elected officials.

For our friends and fans many of you as a matter of fact most of you are not from metro Detroit, Michigan, or even the United States but please I still want to reach out to you. Think of these people as you fellow man, woman, child kind……

Now here is what I propose but I need your help!

We have 2800 fans on our fan page. I want each of you to suggest our fan page to all of your friends to make this happen fast (

I also want all of you to do me the honor and fan the BWOBD fan page (

Time is of the essence I want this to happen quickly! I feel that 3500 fans will be enough for me to get the word out to make a significant impact! During this time I will be setting up with paypal to create a link. Then when we hit 3500 fans there will be a huge posting which we will also ask you to link to and help spread the word!:

The Atelier Gothique Burners Without Borders Detroit Project

We are going to ask you to give whatever you can afford through paypal it is safe and secure and you can even do it in your PJ’s. Every $1 will equate to a number so lets say we have $832 sitting there in donations and you decide you want to skip eating one lunch at some fast food joint and donate $10 that means you will be number 833-842. So in other words every $1 you donate will give you a “Number” because its Paypal we will have your email address!

Now when we hit the number that I have in my mind (Which I will never tell as we want to raise as much money as we can for this cause) We will ask Doxie to randomly pick a number 1 thru our magic number. She of course will have no idea who any of the numbers correspond to.

The generous soul who’s donation number is drawn will have won one of our Concave Saddle Rings© ( The single black diamond Grooved Saddle in the upper left corner. Made to your size. This ring has a value of $1,400.00. Now we know that this may not be everyone’s thing maybe you are one of our Fet jewelry fans! So the winner may pick any other piece in our line and they will have a $1400 retail credit! That can be used for anything at anytime……. Did we entice you now?

So just because you do not live in Detroit or the United States for that matter does not mean that you cannot help! Even if you say AG I honestly don’t care about causes but I love your jewelry…. We say well then donate! $1, $5, $10,$20, $50, or even $1000 will put you in a position to have a wonderful piece of jewelry or one hell of a deposit towards the piece of your dreams!!!! We honestly don’t care what your motivation is behind the donation and remember the more you will give the greater your chances of winning are. You can donate once or you can donate multiple times…. So for all of you that have been wanting one of our pieces this is a perfect thing for you to be involved with.

I apologize for the lack of brevity folks but this is a very very important cause and for the price of a venti starbucks latte you can make such a big difference!

We thank you all and now we ask for your help! We need you to help get the fan page to 3500 so we may start this project. So please take 3 minutes from your day go to our fan page, click the suggest to friends and click away… the faster we get there the faster we can start bugging you for the donations to The Atelier Gothique Burners Without Borders Detroit Project

From the bottoms of our hearts we thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your support with this very important cause!

Atelier Gothique & Seraphina Black

To that I responded;
Danielle Doxie Kaltz “you are so amazing..i am going to cry..that meeting with you still has my brain spinning and i am working on many of the things we talked about!..your suggestions are priceless and i am honored (and slightly embarrassed) by your accolades..thank you both so much...big love and hugs!!”

Today I am still humbled and awe struck that they have been so generous and amazing.
I am blessed to have the people in my life that I do! Aho!



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