Sunday, December 19, 2010

More on my Birthday Wish

Birthday Cause update

With in moments of my posting my Birthday Wish donations started to come in...and have continued to.
As of December 18th the generous donations of the people below have reached $415 of the $500 goal i set.

* Damian Polack Damian Polack
* David Koren David Koren
* Cynthia Cooky Jones Cynthia Cooky Jones
* Thaddeus McKracken Thaddeus McKracken
* Brian Lewis
* Thomas Jankowski
* Scott M Reilly
* Paul M. Grinnell Paul M. Grinnell
* Julia Raskin Julia Raskin
* Diane Kobasic
* Bohdi Bill Baber Bohdi Bill Baber
* Artur Zukowski
* Codrin Cionca
* One Space, LLC One Space, LLC
* Sarah Elizabeth Whitman
* Aaron Krynicki Aaron Krynicki
* Tom Nardone Tom Nardone
* Judith A Mauro

Two people are Not on this list as one misread and didn't click the cause for My Birthday Wish and that was the amazing Mr. Dixon. And another Micheal Spleet did not wish to put his credit card into Birthday Wishes as part of Causes so he paypal'd me instead. The donations would be over $500 if they had been included..and i am honored and humbled people care enough to help.

Thank you very much donors.



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