Sunday, December 19, 2010

Burners without Borders Chicago

I am still receiving boxes of donated items from the Chicago Decomp on November 6,2010 where the Chicago chapter of BWB collected so many items they filled my friend Sullys rented PT Cruiser. He brought them back to Detroit and Brick brought them to me, there so many boxes...

and this weekend i was out in Ann Arbor and picked up four more boxes of clothing donations from the garage of Shai and Blaja that Shirley brought back that were over looked during the packing the car after the event was over.

its amazing the amount of clothes i have. sure i have said i need to cut back on those donations and just focus on the backpacks but i cant seem to say 'no' to people cuz i know people on the streets need clothes as well as the contents of the packs.

more reasons for me to keep dreaming of getting the Ford Transit to modify with shelves so i can have a place to sort out clothes to size people as i give them backpacks! big dream..but i like to dream big.


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