Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teal and Purple

so just this afternoon...Teal from Bay City who came to the backpacking party earlier this month with her sister who's name i can not recall but started calling her purple cuz she was wearing a ton of it that day..

so today Teal hit me up and i knew she might as she was staying with Ro (and Rachael) in Corktown after going to Santarchy. She had contacted me earlier in the week to tell me she had a load of clothes for me...and a bunch of hats.

now these are not just any old no... teal and sister and niece have been crocheting hats and and i guess fingerless gloves and gave me a big back full of them.

Purple told me it takes no time at all.. she can make the fingerless gloves in an hour and a half...yes she makes it sound that easy... i told her i am very impressed and in no way no how could i even start to do the art she makes look so easy.

I told them both thank you very much and that i will look forward to giving out these hand made with love donations!



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